2020 Nole & VIP membership Happy new year!

2020: What’s in store for our VIP members?

by Debasish Das

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Greeting NoleFamily!

At the on-set wish you all a very Happy New Year; may this year bring health, wealth, happiness and prosperity in your life. In line with our philosophy of the VIPs being co-owners of project NOLE we thought to start the New Year on a positive note by sharing what’s in store for our VIPs in 2020.

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Our main focus for the year 2020 will be to build usecases for our native tokens $NOLE and $AMSK and simultaneously create residual income opportunities for our VIP members.

A Quick Recap: While most of our VIPs are aware of the benefits they are entitled to; we thought to quickly share a quick recap for the benefit of all:

Lifetime eligibility of Airdrops: Every week is a party in Nole VIP room and our Endeavour is to keep sharing valuable/tradable tokens with long timers running into days so that VIPs don’t need to be active on hourly or daily basis to be eligible for these drops. To top it up there are frequent celebrations on special milestones where there is always something extra allocated for the VIPs

Monthly Bounties: Every month there are monthly bounties run exclusively for VIP members where VIP members can earn additional crypto by performing simple tasks.

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NoleLegends Partnership: 1% of monthly NoleLegends dapp turnover is allocated to the VIP Pool and is shared with the members in first week of subsequent month. We envision 2020 this income for our VIPs will increase exponentially once the full game goes live and consumption of AMSK starts. This potentially could be a powerful residual income source for all our VIPs

Exclusive deals: VIP members are eligible for exclusive deals and will be beneficiaries of this in future projects as well

Exclusive group: The VIP room consists of blockchain supporters from various domains and thus acts as a social platform to build friendship, share knowledge and work together to better understand successful projects within TRON eco-system.

First to get information: All new initiatives and developments are first shared with the VIP community to build on the concept of VIPs.

Vote: The VIPs collectively also decide upon the future direction of the project as most of the important decisions are discussed in the VIP room through a voting mechanism.

What’s Next?

We have some exciting updates to kick start 2020

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NoleLegends Launch: The most awaited launch of the new-age Dapp which will bring in a fresh flavor of experience gaming and wellness will happen tentatively in Q1 of 2020. A lot of work has already gone into it as you all must have witnessed in the previews. However this is just the tip of iceberg; in few months our developer Hesam and his team will deliver a epic experience. He is currently burning countless midnight oil by working on a average 12–14 hours a day to bring this game to life. Since it’s just not a simple plug and play game team is working simultaneously on multiple aspects like graphics, smart contracts, complex algorithms etc to make the game perfect. A lot of work like achievement systems, loot boxes, legend market, decorations, leaderboard, ranking calculations, reward mechanisms, soundtracks etc are been worked upon before activating the My Village tab. We hope by end of Q1 we together would embarked upon an epic journey which people decades down the line will remember.

Nole Merchandise Launch: We are super excited to announce that in January 2020 we will launch Nole Merchandise and to make the news even sweeter 1% of overall monthly turnover will go to VIP revenue sharing pool. In nut-shell that’s one more passive income flow for our VIPs. We will start off with basic t-shirts and caps on offline mode and then gradually move the merchandise store on our portal with Nole, AMSK, TRX payment gateways integrated after game launch.

NoleX Launch: In Q1 we will also launch our in-house exchange NoleX. It will start off as a trading platform for NoleLegends in-game assets. Phase 2 of NoleX will encompass building up world class security mechanisms and then opening the doors to list other TRON Tokens. Native currency for trading fee will be Nole with discounts for opting Nole instead of TRX. Icing on the cake is 1% of all TRX and Nole collected as trading fee will be allocated to VIP Pool on monthly basis. That will create 3rd passive income flow for our VIPs.

We are currently on 302 VIP members!

Q2 and Q3: We will focus of expanding and consolidating the above 3 eco-systems so that it starts to function on auto mode and create consistently growing income streams for our VIPs.

Additional Plans for 2020:

  • A new NOLE page that functions as a hub for all of our projects.
  • Marketing campaigns to increase the user base of projects: NoleLegends, NoleX, NoleMerch, and NOLE itself.
  • Continue running philanthropy campaigns through-out the year.
  • 2 more exchange listing (work in process).
  • Attempt Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko listing after the launch of the NoleLegends game.
  • Build a Freezing system for Nole with benefits linked to AMSK dividends.
  • Create a revenue stream on the NoleLegends website by selling banner space (1% of the profit share will go to the VIP pool).
  • Apply for TRON SR in Q3/Q4 after stabilizing the NoleLegends game.
  • NoleService: Launch a project on consultancy in domains of marketing, articles, whitepaper creation, etc.
  • Collaboration: We will continue to forge a friendship with projects within the crypto ecosphere to create an environment of knowledge sharing and inclusive growth.
  • Stepping up the game with our influencer support!

Q4 we also intend to start work on creating our second Dapp( we will share more info once the idea reaches an advanced feasibility stage). The objective is to ensure we create enough use-cases that valuation of the tokens grows organically and thus leads to benefits flowing to the community who support us. If you look back to the journey of this VIP club we started off with airdropping tokens, then few months back we topped it up by creating AMSK income for our VIPs. Next in line this year will be adding TRX and NOLE as additional income flow for the VIPs.

We hope you loved the news with which we together welcome 2020. This will be a year where together we will scale greater heights. All VIPs are our co-owners and every effort they put in to spread awareness be it about NoleLegends or NoleX or NoleMerch will lead to an increment in the VIP Pool.

Once again wish you all a great year ahead.

The NOLE team.

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