A community member with a big heart: Annepan 🖤

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Telegram: @ANNEPAN

Annepan hails from Europe. A loving mother of 2 fantastic children, a daughter who is 16 years old and a son who is 7 years old. She has been part of Nole Family since early 2019. She is very creative; we feel a lot of community members have already seen her artwork in the telegram rooms. She also supports the Nole project on GuildChat.

Guildchat: https://groupshare.guildchat.io/groupshare/A0VVNs

Annepan was introduced into the Nole Family by Superhuug and she and her spouse have since then supported all the philanthropic causes organized by Nole.

Annepan is a firm believer in facing challenges head. Further, she is not the one who will sit down and worry about problems; rather she thinks out of the box and always works on figuring out solutions. This positive mindset of her lead to the current good deed she recently executed on her own.

Here is how the sequence of events unfolded:

Her son aged 7 has several limitations including cerebral palsy and hypermobility. He uses a wheelchair for long distances, and he has splints on his lower legs to be able to walk the smaller parts. The splints are replaced twice a year because he grows out of them. The “old” splints are stacked into the cupboard, and nothing else happens to it. Annepan used to find this very annoying, knowing that there are a lot of children on this globe who can use the splints that they no longer use.

Since NoleCoin is involved in charity initiatives for Bangladesh, She approached Chevkev (CEO of NoleCoin) to see if he can do something with it and if he can arrange something so that the splints are delivered to a hospital in Bangladesh. A contact was established in Bangladesh.

Splints are made of plastic and can be adjusted, when heated, to the new feet that have to wear. Also possibly they could be taken apart and used for parts. Annepan then started to contact a lot of people who also have children who wear splints / adapted shoes; she asked them if they would be interested in sending them to Bangladesh, and was pleased to see the very enthusiastic response from them.

She spent a couple of months working religiously to co-ordinate the collection activity; however, destiny had a twist. By the time a good pile of splints were collected the need in the Bangladesh was already covered. This, however, didn’t slow down Annepan and she established communication with many other medical establishments. Eventually her searches lead her to a Foundation based in Suriname which collects medical materials for poor people. Early this month she has sent across the collected splints and surely it will add value in the lives of people who will use it.

We salute Annepan for having a big heart and for going out of the way to help people.


Author: debasish

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