Aftermath islands AMA | VIP event

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A summary of the AMA in the VIP chat.

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Chevkev: Can you tell a bit more about yourself and why you started the project?

Dinko I am a Bachelor in Computer Technology and also in Business Management. We started our project with DocNacamoto as we are passionate about games and we always dreamed to create our own.

Chevkev: What have you been working on in the past few months?

Dinko In the past few months we managed to release one of our mini-games: Aftermathislands Slot on Google play. Also, we hired a much better developers team

Chevkev: Do you have a preview of the platform that you have been working on?

Dinko Not at the moment, but it is planned to be available in the next 2–3 months.

Chevkev: What is the use-case of your token and what makes it unique compared to other tokens?

Dinko It will be the main game asset in the game. With time it will be getting much more valuable as less and less will be available at some point.

Chevkev: What can we expect in 2020 from your project?

Hopefully, by the end of the year, we will have a gameplay preview and why not even a beta version.

Chevkev: Is there anything you want to share with the VIP room?

/tip 2000000 AftermathIslandsToken

Dirk Frank entered the room:

Hey all,

and to explain the question before, all our projects have their own team and its own development team for creating it.

so every project is unique but works for hand in hand later on through cross-advertising and assets this is what gives TERC a huge bonus later on.

and we are really proud that we can move on also now with Aftermath islands.

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