All the NoleLegends Updates for Oktober — Available on PC and Mobile

Quick briefing legends,

NoleLegends is a decentralized application running on Tron’s blockchain It has this special mystique that aims to create a bridge between gamers, blockchain technology, and philanthropy.

Current Collectibles Available:

If you’re searching for more info about the NoleLegends update in October, then you’ve come to the right place.

120 TRX collectible

We’ve collated all Updated for the NoleLegends Dapp so you don’t have to ask your fellow legends to find that information.

So what is going to happen in Oktober:

A letter from Hesam himself! Twitter:

Update — NoleLegends 8 Days left — Telegram: @Hesam_bcDev

Earn Lootboxes including in-game currency and other valued cryptos by referring a Friend in the Oktober update. We are aiming to have 1000 players to come and Collect their legends during the update.

Author: Hesam

Hello everyone,

a small briefing of our upcoming update:

1) Signup

Everyone who wants to use the game for the first time needs to sign up. With this, we can implement the affiliate (referral) system in the game. You will be able to invite your friends and earn extra rewards ingame! Those who have signed up and have a seed will get their referral link. Using this new feature, players can also transfer seeds to their registered friends!

You can still buy a seed on the market before the update:

We welcome you to NoleLegends with 6 different Main legends to grow and collect, Fully tradable on the market and a community-owned value.

Plus we have 6 surprises we will release as soon as the Oktober update follows.

That means Gifting a Pitaya from Christmas is a good idea friends.

2) Amordad Shop

Our current seed market will be closed and we will move to our new market where players can purchase seeds with AMSK, in this new market we will also have 6 new seeds, BabyLegends! These new legends are very cheap, for example the price of one of the baby's is only 800 AMSK! (12 TRX) $0,18

available soon on the Amordad shop

3) P2P market

In this market players can trade their legends (in any level) with each other. They can sell or buy their legends with AMSK or NOLE or TRX. Trading with TRX costs them extra fees.

I also want to share with u some technical things that I am working on it now:

To implement all of these new features I have set up a server and created a powerful database with mongodb, to keep all the user data safe there. This server is also connected to the blockchain to get users' info from there. At the time of writing this, the Signup feature is almost complete and the AmordadShop is being made. Next, I will begin with the P2P Market.

i am building this game with ❤️ to all of you.


We were very excited about what Hesam wrote and we can't wait to test the game out.

Please join our community if you bought a Seed on our site so we can communicate about your experience and development within the game.

We invite the #TRON community to support us and come and take a look of what we delivered in this short time period, we hope to stimulate the TRON network in a good fun and effective way.

Want to become a V.I.P member before the BETA launches?

More will be explained about the VIP room in the next post.

Contact @chevkev for more information

See you all in-game Legends

Last Gameplay testing:

Are you interested in either growing your legends, making your own village, collect one of the 6 special limited legends or to invest in our project. We link the following exchanges where you can find our tokens that are tradable with TRON (TRX).





All exchanges are paired with TRON (TRX) and can be traded with any other cryptocurrency and our legends are paired with Our Tokens $AMSK and $NOLE.

Author: Chevkev

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