All u need to know about KsumNole (MSK) a charity token on the TRON network.

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What is KsumNole, and what is it trying to accomplish?

A review of KsumNole (MSK) by Crypto Tone

KsumNole (MSK-1000935) is a TRC10 charity token inspired by Elon Musk philanthropic approach. It aims to become the most common method to donate and make charities through the TRON Blockchain and help people in third world countries through a transparent and safe way.

The adoption of crypto and our TRC10 token will impact the way people support third world countries. We aim to fulfill a leading role in this new age of cryptocurrency. Our core principles are integrity, transparency, high reach, reliability, independence and privacy.

The KsumNole platform and the KsumNole (MSK) TRC10 Token are developed by professionals that have been working with several charities including Red Cross, UNICEF and a lot of high profile organizations.

KsumNole will provide to its users a platform with several services that connects donors, charities, and individuals around the globe, enabling them to donate and receive charities in simple and effective processes. Donations made through the KsumNole platform, will be easily tracked, transparent, and available for public viewing. Donors will be able to choose to which charity or cause they would like to donate without having to provide any personal info such as ID cards, bank accounts, or even addresses and phone numbers.

Recent Updates:

NoleWater bounty 1 including the pricepool we gave away to the top 15 supporters

NoleWater bounty round two started two days ago and we already got some awesome support on our second token in 3 days time.

New Telegram groups:

Future Updates:

👉🏼 A active forum where our community can communicate, login and discuss our charity project.

👉🏼a Charity Portal where people can donate there funds with a QR code, so KsumNole is looking for at least 1–2 charitys that want to work with us.

👉🏼The first KsumNole Merchandise are being made and will be ready for launch soon!


👉🏼 Having contact with several charitys to forfill our mission in supporting the people in need with cryptocurrency trough the website.

👉🏼 Aiming for 10000 Community members on our Telegram mainchat:

👉🏼 Aiming for 250 Paid v.i.p members supporting our Charity token daily.

👉🏼By 2019 we will upgrade to TRC20 thus enabling KsumNole tipping and donations in decimals as well (up to 8 decimals).

Many social media campaigns are in store for 2019 to leverage all platforms in spreading awareness.

By 2020 KsumNole has a vision to reach 1 million donors and assist charity organizations across the globe in setting up their digital TRON wallets and understand the benefits of the blockchain.

We will put in our best effort to gain a market share of 0.05 % i.e. approx $1 billion charity being done using KsumNole’s blockchain system by 2020!

With a total supply being pegged at 1 million MSK tokens only, and if the project goes as planned, MSK will probably increase in value reaching almost 1000 TRX per token, depending on the market prices and stability which can be affected by various factors.

Hypothetically even if TRX value grows to $1, then also we will try to achieve our mission of 1 MSK=1000 TRX. PS: This should not be considered as a commitment as valuations are subject to market variables and conditions.

KsumNole Wallet:

The KsumNole platform will offer its users a built-in wallet that can be accessible to everyone, online and offline. Using this application, users will have the option to participate in projects, charities, make donations, and buy merchandise in MSK.

We will make a Medium post every month to keep u updated with our progress and make sure to stay in touch with us trough all our social media platforms.

Team Behind KsumNole:

Come and join us on Telegram for a chat !

🔗Useful Links:

Telegram chat :
Telegram Updates:

U want to buy and donate to KsumNole (MSK) check out this guide on how t buy our token tronscan.

The KsumNole team