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Chevkev: Can you tell a bit more about yourself and why you started the project?

Mandeep: I am Mandeep Sharma from India. After having spent decade-plus years in IT, banking & insurance domain.I decided not to work for someone else and decided to be an entrepreneur and started on my own. We created ZillionLife as an e-com company with the objective of making niche products available to masses and also provide entrepreneurship opportunities to people with our franchise model. I am also a big believer in blockchain technology and believe that a great future awaits us . That’s how the concept of ZLF evolved.

Chevkev: What have you been working on in the past few months?

Mandeep: We have always wanted to have a token for the Zillonlife ecosystem as we were aware of how we could have a greater geographical reach at the lowest costs and benefits. Things were slow at the beginning with strategising and conceptualising ZLF. After doing a lot of homework, we created the token 2 months back but we didn’t want to launch it just on the basis of future promise. We wanted to launch a token which was used to purchase our products and services. So we were working on an immediate use case for the token so that our vision can be well understood by everyone and we are really pleased to share that we launched the first use case of ZLF yesterday; which is international certification educational courses.

Chevkev: Do you have a preview of the platform that you have been working on?

The product is listed on the portal which our franchises will be promoting. Right now it will work on a quotation basis as there are multiple permutations and combinations. However, I would love to arrange an in-depth preview at a prearranged suitable time for everyone who is interested in our platform and our products.

Chevkev: What is the use-case of your token and what makes it unique compared to other tokens?

Mandeep: As stated above ZLF will be used for international Education products. It is a huge market; estimated at about $240 billion. ZLF will help save customers approx 5–7% on the course fee because ZLF fulfills the basic need for which blockchain was created i.e to save on the transaction and remittance fee.
We are the first company from India to offer blockchain remittance solutions in the education domain; because of which we feel we can empower many people across the globe to gain access to quality certification courses which eventually help them in getting better jobs, promotions, projects, skill, etc.
Furthermore, ZLF tokens, which are the underlying token within the ZillonLife Ecosystem, will be Proof of Ownership tokens. These are like stock market shares and earn dividends from ZillonLife. ZLF tokens can be owned and traded. The number of tokens held by an individual will be the measurement of ownership in ZillonLife. It will transfer 1% of its turnover to the token owner pool on a monthly basis in the form of ZLF tokens by buying them at the prevailing market rate of ZLF. The pool will be allocated to the owner’s basis their token holding ratio.
Understanding that Profit Sharing is the most important parameter for Ownership, ZillonLife will transfer 10% of its Annual Profits to the Owners of ZLF tokens . Owners will get payments proportional to their respective token balances. This again will follow the buy from market model thus creating sustained buy volume.

Chevkev: What can we expect in 2020 from your project?

Mandeep: This year we are focusing on establishing the ZLF brand and also will scout for more marketing tie-ups across the globe to build further use case of ZLF. Our strength is our existing franchise network and existing customer base which I believe will help us create win-win partnerships.

Chevkev: Is there anything you want to share with the VIP room?

Mandeep: Well I have been an investor in crypto since 2017. I have made good gains in some coins while I also lost money in a few ICOs / scams. My learning has been that to succeed in the blockchain it is important to have long term vision and credibility. Through ZillonLife we worked on these aspects over the last 4 years. We worked hard to build infrastructure and credibility. If you look at ZillonLife now there are many affiliations and certifications including the highest ones possible ( FICCI, APSA, IDSA etc), the company has featured in many media publications, there is now a competent team in place. So unlike 90% of projects which fail in crypto we have those aspects covered. And most importantly we believe in ourselves and our ability to achieve what we aspire for. Belief in itself in an incredible force that we bring on the table along with all the other things I mentioned above.

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