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At the start of August 10 Genesis DWP NFTs were launched, and soldout on August 3rd, 2022, at the time of writing this article, TRON NFTs are being minted and all these NFTs originate from the Wulf Pack #DWP collection, an NFT project which is original and one of its kind in the TRON-sphere. The first mints have organically established its presence in the TRON ecosystem and created awareness around our Intellectual Property.

At the time of writing, we just took second place in community voting for the latest TRONDao Hackathon with the Wulf Pack, and we are honored to have this chance! and Congratulations to all the winners!

Through this article, we explain to you everything you need to know about The Pack.

and we hope to invite you to The Pack after reading this!

The Origins of DWP

The DWP collection was conceived by 2 crypto enthusiasts who go by the pseudonyms Deba and Chevkev. After spending over 4 years on the TRON chain the two grew increasingly and became interested in taking a more dominant role in the crypto-space. Since They both lack the expertise in blockchain tech development, with the invention of NFTs, Deba and Chevkev could keep up with the developers and bring epic value to the community in their own style, Opening our doors for new community members and aiming for steady growth in 2022 for the NoleCoin ecosystem.

In developing and launching the DWP pack collection, The Nolians joined forces with the #sTRONgerTogetherChallenge with Laurent and the projects in the #sTRONgerTogether community. A week passed and the Wulf pack was all among the TRON space, selling off 50 books and NFTs, having a lot of value, and a pack community enjoying the new updates and storyline.

mission accomplished! Now it's game time!

7010 Unique Wulf NFT collection

Deba’s and Chevkev's early ideation proved more value for the community than funds, but this matched the idea of the original plan, creating value for our community, opening new doors, and having fun! The first idea was to create only 6 kinds of wulfs and replicate them, but it all ended up with 7010 unique wulfs, a living area, and transforming the complete project to the wulf pack theme, Special Legendary unique NFTS will be minted for Pack members that hold 10 #NolianFragments in their inventory.

They started to create the storyline and lore further, Portraiting an epic wulf pack that can take any challenge presented by Omari, by NoleCoin in the new season of NoleLegends. #DWP wants to thrive and grow, want to be unleashed in the crypto space, and soon a collection of 6000 Unique wulfs are getting summoned by the Nolians to aid in Omari’s attack in The Pack. The wulfs retreat to The Pack Tower (see picture below) with their new wulf companions to hang out, drink vodka and shoot electricity at each other.

Dapp volume/tracking/rarity and trading can now be tracked at:

An Explanation of the Wulf Traits

Wulfs are procedurally-generated and each wulf gets traits out of the possible 40 traits available. The traits that make the wulf unique are different Mouths, eyes, Clothes, hats, weapons, background color, and more with a supply of 7010 Wulfs on TRON: 10 Genesis Wulf minting, 1000 Genesis minting 2, and The official 6000 NoleLegend — The summon Collection.

The traits within the wulf contribute to its rarity, for example, not many Wulfs have Deba’s wulf hammer but a lot of wulfs have the sunglasses.

Overall, we tried to be as creative and unique as possible with the collection to provide the Nolians with Rare attributes that will determine higher market prices thus creating demand.

Focus on Education and philanthropy

In the NFT we were the first to include an E-book that makes it the first decentralized e-book on the TRON Chain! Personally written by Deba with a mission to educate the crypto space not only about crypto but about finances as a whole. All NFT owners can unlock this ebook for free and resell it after on the market! we heard Deba is already writing his second book!


A Focus on assimilating Community members.

DWP’s developers and designers have shown time and again since the project’s launch their commitment to building a vibrant community for the long term. A key initiative in doing so was the Wulf VIP bounty Program and transforming the VIP to The Pack.

#sTRONgerTogether — community building

#sTRONtogether Partners to build up the TRON ecosystem

#sTRONgerTogetherChallenge Partners to build up the TRON ecosystem. Laurent Advisor of Tron DAO Started a great initiative to get all OG tron projects together and start this initiative to boost the project that is working hard to keep the tron ecosystem running.

We got featured in Decentraland, Made possible by Ad shares

Closing Remarks

The Pack aims to become a cultural appearance in the TRON scene, and the project is aiming for a mainstream hit, The success of DWP comes down to the originality, being the first to have a decentralized e-book within the NFT, having our own custom art which we will extend when the community wants! and having an awesome community that is willing to help each other and build #WEB3.

The Pack is not a JPEG image but a complete ecosystem that can be expanded in multiple directions: our own unique NFT collection, new e-books in the DWP Library, focussing on self-expression for the Pack chat, our storyline, and entertainment are all terms that are considered to be long term and suit our vision of becoming a mainstream project.
We are looking to provide sustainable value for our supporters, originality, and community building. We are aiming to outlast regular NFT collections, Increase the complexity and rarity of our NFTS in the next Season and think out of the box for our community members to create a stunning experience that we can all remember.

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