August | Letter to the community

NoleCoin 2020 community letter. by Chevkev

What is better than writing a letter in the middle of the summer towards our community members. Since I started this project I faced the most difficult but also the best challenge in my life, and that is to set up the NoleCoin project for people to enjoy for years. We started off small at the end of 2018 because a group of people who were on the same frequency started to see opportunities that only us together would see and that is to uplift our people with the help of cryptocurrency. That is why NoleCoin is called philanthropy and community-driven project. We own our own currency, have our own community chats. Have our own online game coming up if you are bored with crypto (it happens now and then) We are sending in a part of the income of the project and from people that donated to the people in need (which I think is one of the best things of the project), within a matter of a second using TRON blockchain technology which handles 2000 TPS. (Amazing)

Without TRON launching in 2017 I would never see or dare this opportunity that only happens in a lifetime and the rest is history.

Setbacks, yes setbacks. Remember when the internet just started? oh, that was a pain, even connecting to it and even using it. Well in 2020 we are a bit further ahead in technology but with blockchain, it's the same. Actually I feel, all of us that is participating is assisting TRON in building a future decentralized economy.

The future of using money is at its peak and we are honored to play a part in this part of human history.

Now about NoleCoin, how is it progressing, what are we doing to create value for our currency and project? Well, that is first delivering our promise of launching a blockchain-based DApp called NoleLegends which is inspired by several collectible games and hypes from the past, now using blockchain technology.



Fun fact: a big use case for NoleCoin has been added to the Village for our NoleCoin investors. We know that the game will attract a lot of new users and we want NoleCoin to gain holders as fast as possible!

Current NoleCoin holder count: 12,777

Current NoleCoin use cases: 5


Big charity usecase (Donations)

Big usecase in the NoleLegends Dapp (speed up the game with NoleCoin)

Big usecase in the exchange (reduce trading fees)

Big usecase in the VIP chat (Discount if you pay with NOLE)

Big usecase with Staking: Investors can now enjoy NoleWater Dividends every week by holding a certain amount of NoleCoin Up to 10000 NoleCoin

More info about Nolelegends:

People will be able to track their legend assets in a digital manner and keep their collectibles in their wallets. Only with your permission, someone else can get in hand with your legend. which is very attractive for the value that these legends will build up over time. We will make sure we will entertain you with a fun storyline, Legends to grow, Create your own village, and have an epic blockchain gaming experience, all created by our master crafter Hesam and his team.

(Keep an eye on the: chat)

In meanwhile Hesam and his team thought, We want to provide more service to the TRON community and speed up the process of uplifting everyone that is participating in making this decentralized world.

We came with the idea of, Very simple. click and trade, that is needed right now. The threshold to crypto is very high right now. Our motto is to provide services but keep simplicity in everything we do so everyone can access our ecosystem including your grandmother :)

With our motto is also to uplift start-up projects who need some assistance in getting their tokens listed but also give project advice and learn newcomers the mistakes we made and how you can put up an effective project in a short period of time. We do this also in terms of philanthropy as well as extending our network to a worldwide community before the end of 2020.

All TRON projects are eligible for listing with us since the normal exchanges usually have a high threshold for listings. We will pick out the good projects and uplift them and share our knowledge of building a project and to be successful in the space.

Listing form:

Contact: @chevkev on telegram

Listing Fee: 25000 TRX (50% Discount until we evolve the exchange to a multi-chain exchange)


So let's keep it short now! Progress of our ecosystem, it is going pretty awesome NOLE fam.

The month July We achieved so far in the ecosystem:

Our exchange User count: 4707 is gaining listings every week right now so all the communities of these tokens are flowing in as well using our NOLE token to get discounted on their trading fees and supporting our project to the future.

NOLE dividend holders:

The amount dipped a bit but is fully recovered now! on to the road of 1000 100 + NOLE holders so we can make this system as effective as possible. Once the game is live more and more people will step in since they can earn free gaming tokens (play for free)

NoleX listing count: 31

The listing count is growing rapidly also, we almost have all biggest TRON projects listed but most exciting is now, in philanthropy therms we are uplifting start-up projects to give them a heads up with listing their token and helping them to the future (also a big motto of our project) uplifting other projects.

Conclusion, is on the road to greatness, it is just time that we need now to fully establish the product in the market. we want to thank everyone who is using the exchange on a daily basis.

This months turnover:

We will note the turnover of Our ecosystem in the upcoming letters to give more transparency towards our supporters which was requested, This is only a small fraction of what the turnover is going to be since we haven't started NoleLegends yet. More info will follow soon


We don't want to give a launch date yet but things are looking good Nolians. NoleLegends is becoming the most detailed MMO experience a blockchain game can have, Hesam and his team have been working hard to get the game ready for Testing, yes the actual gameplay. The NoleLegends village.

Now, what is this village?

People all over the world are going to get a chance to have fun in-game, meet up but most importantly, earn money while they play. Everyone in the world can now get a salary from playing our games online, Which is exciting because also people in third world countries can get to know our beloved legends and earn a salary at the same time.

The village is consuming a lot of time since the legends have 6 stages and everything needs to be programmed individually and has to be done with good care in order to get a successful gaming experience.

in about 2 weeks the Nolelegends gates are opening again and we advise everyone to take any legend to grow so you can test the BETA with us! (Village is not live yet)

The Village BETA will be opened first in the VIP chat, and after that will be published to the public.(exact countdown will be announced once we fully tested it first)

Thank you for supporting our DApp & exchange to the future.

A big shoutout to the dream team for making this happen!


Hesam — CTO of NoleCoin

Debasish — Advisor of NoleCoin

TallfriendlyGiant Advisor of NoleCoin


Yek head of the Turkish community

Michael team leader to make sure the team is up to date and keeping the VIP informed.

Annepan, the mom of the group, and keeping all chats active! and always organizing fun events.

Jeroen, Freelance marketing advisor

Jos the father of the group! always keeping an eye out what donot to do!

Superhuug, our Admin always helping our people and growing the project.

Vlad, leading the Russian community together with Olya.

Yogi, Leading the Indonesian community

Ljo, Leading the french community

Nemo Leading the Indian community

Axl Leading the Spanish community

We can't forget the 388 VIP members who are supporting us on a daily basis. We can't thank you enough!

and of course, All our partners who are supporting us to the future!


Let’s stay in touch!

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Thank you Champions for supporting our project.

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