BeatzCoin AMA summary

We had an AMA in the NOLE VIP room on the 23rd of April 2020. Here is a quick transcript of the discussion that took place with Kevin (Nole CEO), Steven(Beatz CEO), and a few VIP members of the NOLE community.

Kevin: Welcome @Zambino79! Thank you for taking the time to do this AMA, let's start off the AMA by asking a few questions related to the upcoming progress of BeatzCoin.

Dear VIP! today it’s time to introduce BeatzCoin to the NOLE family. BeatzCoin are the pioneers in the TRON community and did a lot of great work for the community and is a great project to have on the exchange. its an honor today to do this AMA with Mr @Zambino79 himself.

Everyone, please wait with the questions until our questions are finished, and let's have some fun! An airdrop of $BTZC will be dropped to all participants! Remember to chant a #ready.

Kevin: Can you tell a bit more about yourself and why you started the project?

Steven BeatzCoin [BTZC]: My name is Steven Zambron. I’m a former singer, song-writer, engineer, and producer. We came up with the idea for the project in December of 2017, as we saw the need to solve a few issues in the music industry.

1. A means where artists can charge what they wish for their streams…and be paid instantly.

2. A means for unknown artists to promote themselves through bounties, where listeners are instantly paid after listening to a song.

We, of course, have since also incorporated these aspects for video content creators of all types! 😃 The model is working well, and many people love it!

Kevin: What have you been working on in the past few months?

Steven BeatzCoin [BTZC]]: As I said, we have been focusing on the platform itself. We’ve added many new features: user-profiles, tipping, etc. The next big update will include a completely new look (UI), which is quite beautiful. We want our UI to compete with existing platforms, and also outperform the current decentralized competitors (LBRY, etc.).

Kevin: Do you have a preview of the platform that you have been working on?

Steven BeatzCoin [BTZC]]: I don’t have a preview of the current testing environment. I can have something put together and shared later. For now, everyone is welcome to visit

Jeroen de Bie: @Zambino79 are there any big names interested in streaming on Vibravid other than Bizarre from D12?

Steven BeatzCoin [BTZC]]: We have ongoing relationships with several artist but we have decided to postpone any full-blown marketing campaign until the new UI is in place, and most bugs have been sorted out.

Thanks to all of you for the questions, interest, and support.

Kevin: What is the use-case of your token and what makes it unique compared to other tokens?

Steven BeatzCoin [BTZC]]: BeatzCoin is the native cryptocurrency token that is utilized on the VibraVid platform. It is the measure of value that is used to set a cost for streams, pay bounties, and make on-site purchases. The name BeatzCoin was founded at a time when we were focused on being a music-only type of platform.

As time went on, we wanted to also tackle the video aspect, as they seem to go hand-in-hand. The name Beatz just stuck…too late to re-brand at that point. VibraVid represents the VIbration of sound + the element of Video. We support emerging musicians, as well as video content creators that are having trouble being noticed on other platforms…

Competition is healthy. Fortunately, we were able to create a good brand and name, which is 99% of the battle in this space.

We simply had a list of several potential names…We wanted something neutral, in case we incorporate other tokens/coins in the future. VibraVid was not taken, and just stuck…VibraVid represents the VIbration of sound + the element of Video.

Kevin: What can we expect in 2020 from your project?

Steven BeatzCoin [BTZC]]: Great question.

You can expect a completely new and beautiful UI. Mobile apps for both android and ios. BTZC staking features on VibraVid. Ad integration. Marketing campaigns geared toward adopting many new users.

**I’ll leave it there for now.

Kevin: We are looking forward to seeing these updates steven, we will keep an eye on the platform!

Is there anything you want to share with the VIP room?

Steven BeatzCoin [BTZC]]: A lesser-known aspects of VibraVId…We recently added a contest feature from the VV admin panel. This means that (per our WP) we can now enter a few variables and hold automatic contests for most views in a certain period. We’ve expanded the contests to also be available to viewers. For example, we can hold a contest of 100k BTZC to the user who views the most video content in 48 hours!

Similarly, we will hold contests for content creators, where the video (or song) with the most views can win a huge BTZC prize! We will begin rolling these contests out very soon!

Classe Mullbank:

Is John McAfee involved in the project? I listened to him a while ago on Vibravid.

Steven BeatzCoin [BTZC]]: He was an advisor for quite some time. I have his personal phone number and can call him any time.

He seemed to want to disassociate from all crypto projects at one point, for personal reasons…so he remains a friend but not so much in an official capacity.

It was a blast! A great bunch of people in this chat!!!

It was my pleasure! Thank you all!

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