Development Update on KsumNole #1

Here we are, for the first KsumNole update on the development. But first let me introduce myself.

I am Chevkev, I’m 28 years old and I’m from the Netherlands. I Founded KsumNole myself when i invested in TRON. I live and work near Amsterdam. At my full time job, I work in a sales team that support several charity organisations. Where we develop and maintain a stable costumer base of donators within the Netherlands.

I spend my time on many things but most of the time these things are creative:

Its time to write some updates on Medium. Here we are to let you in on what we are doing the last couple of weeks. We will take the occasion to sum up everything that we have been doing the past couple of weeks.

The #KsumNolefam have been growing fast and i want to thank u all for the massive support and love u gave us! #KTTT

First some details:

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Every Family member have been a great support in Telegram and we are aiming for 5K telegram members within a short period of time. Im happy to keep triving our community and keep expanding until our last drop in december.(31–12–18)

feel free to invite your family & Friends! :

Short info: Why did we create this project?

If we look at the recent scandals, we understand that everyone is skeptical about the non-profit sector. However KsumNole offers a solution to this problem on the short term. TRC20 Blockchain powered Token with smart contracts with Lower costs, Efficiency and Transparency. KsumNole will change the way people see the non profit sector and all blockchain based charity organisationsin a short period of time.

Our agenda for November:

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Milla, chief representative website is working hard to finish off the final product and u will be able to donate to several charity projects soon!

The website will include a forum and will include all the information u need to know about our project.

2. Whitepaper, The website will include a full white paper with all details of our future progress.

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3. Tronscan DEX listing

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We succesfully registered on the Tronscan site for a DEX listing ! we will get our response within 4–5 days.

Reward System:

Telegram reward system:

Next reward:

1500 Members — KsumNole drop for the most active members

2500 Members- KsumNole drop for the most active members

5000 Members Big KsumNole drop for the most active members


Interested in contributing?

If you are interested in contributing to KsumNole u can always donate on:

Let’s stay in touch

Join our Telegram group to talk to us and ask any questions you might have. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep an eye on the latest news.

Telegram chat:

Telegram Project info: Project Info:



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