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What makes NoleCoin so special anyways?

NoleCoin has been around as a community project since Dec 2018, it’s made up of people from around the world through social media. NoleCoin has a goal to provide philanthropy through its token economy and give people a safe haven for their money through NoleCoin's limited supply.

The total amount of NoleCoins made: 1 million.

As a cryptocurrency NoleCoin is built as a trc20 token on top of the Tron Network, being it's compatible with any Tron based DAPP, this trc20 coin has a total capped supply of only one million coins. If you hold 100 or more Nole in your wallet, your Tron wallet address will be automatically entered into snapshot drops to receive weekly NoleWater dividends, a side project token of the Nole Community, it has a higher supply and is meant to be shared and collected for fun uses in dapps.

Like NoleLegends, another community funded project being built as a nongambling gaming dapp. One that emphasizes on the environment and growing your legend! Nolians currently have access to an in-game item marketplace and the next big game updates will include the Village, which will be the daily hub for NoleLegend players.

Another awesome DAPP that has been community funded and is a huge benefit to NoleCoin and NoleWater holders is the Nolex decentralized exchange. The developers even added special exchange fee options for NoleCoin holders. Definitely going to be a big year for the TRON ecosystem!

For more info on what’s happening with NoleCoin charity check out:

to find out how you can contribute and where you can donate.

For more information on the community built gaming dapp check out: —

to see if you want to be involved and start building your legend!

For more information on how you can exchange TRX for NoleCoin and NoleWater and other popular trc tokens check out:

to see the amazing power of funding community-built projects and how you can seamlessly convert Tron based tokens in a safe and transparent DeX through Nolex. If you are a trc10 or trc20 token founder you can apply for listing through nolex!

I hope this has been a wonderful introduction to NoleCoin.
To find out even more about NoleCoin and why it’s a low-cap gem that should be in every tron users wallet here are the links for all our community channels:

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(D)app: (BETA)
Exchange: (BETA)
NoleCoin News:

If you want to be a bigger part of NoleCoin and contribute to the funding of more Tron based applications and growing the Nole brand consider joining our VIP, to find out more DYOR! :)

Author: Dizzy

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