I am a hodler of $NOLE, what now?

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First of All Congratulations to all legend holders of the upcoming game www.nolelegends.com, We achieved the soft cap within 2 weeks of the launch and the development is in full progress right now. For more information: www.nolelegends.com

What I should do as a NoleCoin HODLer? is the question once you hold a few or more $NOLE coins.

Project NoleCoin started with a vision of leveraging technology to help mankind. The goal of NoleCoin is to connect with populations that are involved in charity. NoleCoin involves the community through its VIP (Very Integral Part of NoleCoin) program to decide on the future progress path. NoleCoin total supply is capped at 1 million only. This makes HODLing these tokens valuable and once the projects reach greater adoption the investor portfolio will also grow exponentially.

About NoleCoin: NoleCoin is a charity project inspired by the philanthropic activity of Mr. Elon Musk and is based in the Netherlands. The NoleCoin project started in Q3 2018 with a vision to use blockchain technology in the charity domain to bring in higher transparency, trust, accountability and thus help people in need. While the focus is to help people of third world counties, the charity initiative will also try to solve global issues like pollution, education, women empowerment, health etc.

NoleCoin Keywords:

# Community-driven.

# Fast and borderless charity platform.

# Transparent, Accountable and Trustworthy.

# Communication forums.

# Legal foundation for higher credibility coming up.

# Low supply and team allocation of tokens.

# Increasing the core supporters community (VIP Club).

# Merchandise sales with proceeds linked directly to charity wallets.

# Dedicated and competent team.

# Future plans for iOS and Android apps for seamless transactions and communication.

What should I do as a NoleCoin holder?

The unique concept of the project is that every holder of NoleCoin token who has 100 or more tokens is a co-owner of the project and eligible for monthly dividends of NoleWater which will be the native token for upcoming gaming dapps NoleLegends. The one year vision is to reach 10000 NoleCoin dividend club holders and 25000 NoleLegend players. Once we achieve this 100% of NoleCoin will be in circulation leading to exponential growth in its valuation. Thus even if we own 100 token of NoleCoin then we need to change our perspective from being just an investor to a co-owner. So more you contribute to the project the greater will be your dividend income valuation for years to come. We can contribute to the project by:

Inviting all our friends in other social media platform. The higher the user base of NoleCoin and NoleLegends, the higher will be the probability that your portfolio valuation increases.

Spread out the NoleCoin word to all the crypto projects you are part of. Since the domain we cater to is collaborative we can partner with all legit projects. That’s how mass adoption will spread.

Invite your friend to the VIP group which is the core of the community. Along with fun activities and airdrops this is where we seek feedback and suggestions for future of the project. VIP group is the driving force and together lets make it bigger. For more information you can contact @chevkev on Telegram.

Help more people understand the value of holding minimum 100 NoleCoin and the dividend program.

Promote the NoleLegend ISO to your friends, even if they buy 1 seed they have a chance to win in the 11000 NoleCoin Jackpot.

Passive Income is one of the most powerful ways to create wealth and this is one of the easiest and fastest ways you can create wealth not only for you but for your generations to come. Together lets change the perspective and let’s Co-Own this project.

Link to participate in ISO — https://nolelegends.com/market.html

Let's stay in touch!

📌Briefing May: https://medium.com/@chevkevtron/msk-foundation-briefing-may-2019-39b130be7336

📌Briefing June: https://medium.com/@chevkevtron/ksumnole-nolecoin-briefing-june-2019-1b0d1f85f1e3

📌Briefing July — August: https://medium.com/@chevkevtron/nolecoin-briefing-8th-august-8-2019-fcab466e57ec

📌NoleWater briefing: https://medium.com/@chevkevtron/nolewater-amsk-the-currency-of-nolelegends-com-b6b76e5df42a

🎗Latest charity event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-qLkv-M1io&t=4s

🔗Useful Links:

Website: https://ksumnole.org/

Website NoleLegends: www.nolelegends.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ksumnole
Telegram chat : https://t.me/NoleCoin
Telegram Updates: https://t.me/NoleCoinupdates
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ksumnoletoken
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NoleCoinNOLE
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfzGhUqbV-9cTnBJX3kbduA


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