Introducing the NOLE VIP: Annepan

4 min readApr 21, 2020

Today we introduce a NOLE VIP who is already famous because of her philanthropic deeds. It’s a pleasure to introduce this beautiful lady with a big heart: Anja who is known in telegram as Annepan.

4 decades back a scenic town of Lelystad in Holland was blessed with the birth of Anja. This town is internationally the biggest land reclamation project ever and is full of dynamic diversity ranging from natural reserves, museums to countries and the first-ever fashion outlet center. After finishing her education Annepan got married and relocated to the amazing city of Almere. There is an interesting history behind this city too; the first house here was built in the same year when Anja arrived on planet earth. This city too is surrounded by nature. Almere Jungle, Oostvaardersplassen nature park, De Kemphaan, Bourwerij de Kemphaan brewery are some of the nice attractions here.

Behind this sweet looks and demeanor, there is a tough lady who takes challenges head-on. Anja started working as a security officer 22 years ago, nowadays she works part-time because she also has to raise her kids. She got married 12 years back and has 2 loving kids: Daughter (Danique) who is almost 17 and an 8-year old son (Kinan).

Annepan is a firm believer in facing challenges head. Further, she is not the one who will sit down and worry about problems; rather she thinks out of the box and always works on figuring out solutions. This positive mindset of her lead to the current good deed she recently executed on her own. Her son has several limitations including cerebral palsy and hypermobility. He uses a wheelchair for long distances, and he has splints on his lower legs to be able to walk the smaller parts. The splints are replaced twice a year because he grows out of them. The “old” splints are stacked into the cupboard, and nothing else happens to it. Annepan used to find this very annoying, knowing that there are a lot of children on this globe who can use the splints that they no longer use. Annepan then started to contact a lot of people who also have children who wear splints / adapted shoes. She asked them if they would be interested in sending them to needy children, and was pleased to see a very enthusiastic response from them.

She spent a couple of months working religiously to co-ordinate the collection activity, and she established communication with many other medical establishments. Eventually, her searches lead her to a Foundation based in Suriname which collects medical materials for poor people. She has sent across the collected splints and surely it will add value in the lives of people who will use it.

Anja is a very creative person. She loves to take macro pictures, photography in general. The pictures she shares in the VIP room are just a fun thing to make. Travelling is her passion; she wants to see much more of the globe. Taking long walks in nature are also her favorite. And yes she absolutely loves to party with her friends.

How Anja got to know about NOLE? In her own words ‘My colleague Superhuug introduced me to NoleCoin (then known as Ksumnole) and he explained to me how it works. The charity concept, in particular, appealed to me. Immediately I immersed myself in it, and finally registered in the VIP room under the name Annepan, and I am very happy with that so far. People are very kind/respectful to each other, very helpful, everyone thinks along with each other, and they are all eager to help, it felt like a warm blanket.’

She also supports the NOLE project on GuildChat. She and her spouse have always supported all the initiatives run by NOLE. Project NOLE is really blessed to have supporters like Anja. We wish great health and well being for Anja and her family.

Author: Debasish

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