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Introducing the NOLE VIP.

If you are a football fan then you must definitely visit the home town of our flamboyant, energetic, sports and travel fanatic VIP whom we will be introducing today: Mr. Chris Weston.

Chris hails from the best-rated city of the United Kingdom which is the only place in the world where you can study Mummy Studies, it’s the city where Rolls-Royce Limited was created over lunch in 1904. Car salesman Charles Rolls met engineer Henry Royce at The Midland Hotel and the rest they say is history. Chris’s city boasts the first free public library. Housed in a building built in 1421, Chetham’s Library is the oldest public library in the English-speaking world. Having said this what eventually makes Chris’s hometown famous is; FOOTBALL. Yes, we are talking about Manchester; may be seen by many as being one of the most famous football cities in the world, with it being the home to two of the biggest teams, Manchester City and Manchester United. However, the city is also credited with the founding of the world’s first professional football league. In 1888, the founding Football League was set up at the Royal Hotel, and it originally ran from the autumn of 1888 until the spring of 1889. Twelve member clubs from the Midlands and North of England all competed in the first league, including Bolton Wanderers, Aston Villa, and Everton.

Chris was born on the 27th of February which incidentally is also celebrated as African Travel Day, Digital Learning Day, International Polar Bear Day, Kahlua Day, National Protein Day, National Retro Day, National Strawberry Day, No-Brainer Day. He shares his birthday with famous celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor, Marina Anderson, Neal Schon, Josh Groban, Kate Mara.

Chris started working early in his life. In the past 3 decades, he has had experience in various industries. He started working at the young age of 16 in the travel industry, after 3 years doing that he then started working at Manchester Airport in a similar role, but the hours were hard so he decided that he needed a change. Subsequently, he then worked in the retail industry for many years, with his sheer hard work, passion, and dedication he climbed his way up to several managerial positions, but again monotony sank in and he decided to pursue another change. This time he started working in the insurance claims industry. He worked in Manchester mostly, but also set up offices in Dublin, Ireland, and also Malaga, Spain, he did this for a decade or so and then took the plunge to explore another industry where he is currently employed. Right now Chris works in the health & safety domain. He works for a company that inspects buildings and issues safety certificates such as Fire Safety, Asbestos, Electrical Water inspections & dangerous explosive substances (not as scary as that sounds). Every day is different so it keeps the dynamic mind of Chris interested, He feels that he actually found a job that he likes after all these years.

Chris is a single child to his parents and currently lives with his fiancée Becky. They have been together for 5 years and hope to get married when this COVID pandemic is over so that they can celebrate properly with friends and family and more importantly have a nice honeymoon. Also, it will call for a big celebration in the NOLE VIP group too.

Chris loves music, traveling, and football. He was lucky enough to be around when the music scene exploded in Manchester and other parts of England and he started going all-night raves/ parties in some very strange places, from old empty buildings/ warehouses, aircraft hangers, fields, caves & quarries. There is no better feeling than dancing to the music you love with your best friends as the sun comes up in the morning (Oh, to be young again)!! He has enjoyed many holidays abroad with family and friends from European countries to the US and the Caribbean. New Zealand/ Australia is next on his bucket list.

Chris feels that he has been lucky to combine travel & football as he is a Manchester United fan and has traveled all over Europe supporting them and been to some wonderful cities/ countries, also some not so good (he won’t mention those ones;) ). Nowadays he doesn’t go to many games abroad anymore as it’s difficult explaining it to his fiancé that he is going on holidays without her 6+ times a year, also explaining where all my money has gone when he comes back home is an interesting challenge.

Chris got introduced to NOLE by Salsa Mike on an app called GuildChat many months back. Subsequently, he became good friends with Jeroen, Annepan, Nancy & Superhuug and he ended up joining the wonderful VIP group/ family on Telegram in May 2020. Chris has been since then an active part of the community and also helps in managing the GuildChat rooms.

Chris feels the best thing that he has collected in life is experiences. Work in Ireland & Spain, setting up new offices in different countries, experiencing new cultures and meeting wonderful people, but a lot of heart rewarding work. He made a lot of good friends and the experience was great and one he will never forget. The most important time of his life has been the moment he met his fiancée Becky, finally found someone to settle down with and get old together.

We at Nole Family feel proud to have such a cheerful personality amongst us who also has rich experiences with him which translates into nice ideas and contributions from Chris towards Project NOLE.

We wish Chris gets married soon and leads a happy and fun-filled life ahead. And just to re-iterate the whole Nole Family across the globe will celebrate Chris’s wedding.

Author: Debasish


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