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Today it’s time to meet one of the most eligible bachelors of Nole Family VIP Club. To meet this fit, handsome hunk we will have to travel to the largest military base in entire Asia; the gateway to Himanchal and Kashmir: Pathankot, Punjab in India. It is also known for its serene green beauty and a rich historical past. Pathankot was known for Loi and shawl weaving industry for many centuries. Pathankot also introduces you to some beautiful religious places like Mukteshwar Temple, Kathgarh temple, Nagni temple, and Shahpurkandi Fort.

So our dynamic and fitness enthusiast VIP having been born on a land rich with courage and fearlessness decided to follow his passion and build a career as a body-building professional. I think by now all of us would have guessed that we are talking about Nole VIP: Late2Love aka Devil aka Price aka what his parents proudly call him Mr. Deepak Kumar Sharma.

Deepak hails from a family that has been serving the country in the police department and has been an athletic person since childhood. Deepak was born on the historic day when London Metropolitan Police was first commissioned in Britain, it was also the day when the first manned mission- Space shuttle Discovery did its liftoff. Deepak was born on 29th September 35 years ago and shares his birthday with celebrities like Calvin Johnson, Madeline Kahn, Stephen Boss, Halsey.

Deepak (दीपक) is a Hindi word meaning lamp from Sanskrit source of light. Deepak is the symbol of a bright future. In the biggest festival of India; Deepawali/Dewali people light earthen lamps (Deepak) in their houses as a symbol to attract positivity and prosperity in their life. Living up to his name Deepak has been a person who brought a lot of pride and fame to his family. After completing his schooling he did his post-graduation in computer applications (PGDCA). He started his career by working at IGI airport T-3, Delhi as a CSA (customer service agent, ground staff) for Air India airlines. After spending a few years at the airport he then spent his next three years in the government administration department, Pathankot. Subsequently, he worked at one of the biggest IT companies in India; Wipro as a quality engineer in Chandigarh. Unfortunately, during this time his father had some serious medical issues so he decided to pay more preference to his family rather than his career and quit his job to be back at his hometown to take care of his father. Post recovery of his dad he decided not to go back to the rat race of 9 to 6 job but rather to focus on his lifetime passion for bodybuilding. So he stayed back in Pathankot and joined a Gym as an instructor. This is where he spends a maximum amount of his time and thoroughly enjoys the work he is doing.

In the past decade he has won several rewards; just to name a few: Mr. India Open Championship, Ludhiana overall 2nd place (2012–13), Mr. Pathankot, overall 2nd place (2013–14), Mr. India, overall first place (2013–14), became star of Punjab 80kgs held at Pathankot (bodybuilding) April 2014 and recently became Senior Mr. India by 2nd place.

Deepak joined the VIP club as member number 392 and was introduced by Angelfoxy. Deepak believes in the philosophy of ‘When faced with challenges always rise and shine, nothing can stop a person from reaching the sky once he is determined and passionate about his goals’. Deepak lives his life with high positive energy and the thoughts that ‘Laughter is the best medicine’. Because of his great sense of humor and an attitude of finding positivity in every challenging situation makes him a darling of many in the VIP Family. We at Nole really appreciate and learn from such individuals who teach us a better way of living.

So next time when you are in the telegram room and hear a chant ‘oley olley oolleeyyyy’ then be sure that Deepak is in the house.

Author: Debasish


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