Introducing Nole VIP: Javalord

3 min readApr 18, 2020


It’s time now to explore a new continent and head over to the capital city of Nigeria to introduce a NOLE VIP: Onyegbula Peter who is famous in the telegram chats as Javalord. 35 years old Javalord hails from Abuja which replaced Lagos as the capital city of Nigeria in 1991. It is the first planned city across the whole of Africa and no wonder now we know why Javalord is so well organized and disciplined. We can see him being very meticulous with his commitments and actions. Along with work, Javalord is a fun-loving person and some admirable attractions he loves in Abuja include Magicland Amusement Park, Jabi Lake Park, Cube Café, Gurara Falls, Eagle Square, Café 24 and The Mediterranean Hotel.

Javalord did his Diploma in Accounting, BSc followed MSc by Banking and Finance. He is currently pursuing Business Management along with his job. He currently works as a Labor Inspector with the Federal Ministry of Labor and Employment. His work experience encompasses 4 years of experience in auditing, 3 years of experience in the crypto ecosystem and 1-year experience in Labor Inspection.

Javalord is a romantic person by heart who loves listening to love songs and sometimes sing then as well for his loving wife. He also enjoys reading and whenever he gets time he ventures out with his spouse and son exploring places and nature.

He got to know about NOLE about 10 months ago through our VIP team member named Michael. He got to know a lot about the project through Michael which got him interested. Since Javalord is an explorer by nature he decided to find out more and joined the VIP group and this far, it has been a wonderful and unforgettable experience.

In Javalord’s own words ‘Being a VIP in the NOLE Project is a great achievement on its own, not to even talk of the consistency in the growth of the project and investment. Also worth talking about is the rare privilege of being about the early adopters and testers of our dear Nolelegend game which is coming soon’.

Javalord has been a great supporter of the NOLE ecosystem from Day 1. He has participated in various bounties and has always emerged as one of the top performers in them. As the saying goes winning is not just about the rewards but an attitude to win in all circumstances. This attitude of Javalord has helped NOLE in spreading its wings in Africa and soon with the support of Javalord the project will have a nice supporter base in this continent of the NILE River.

Team NOLE is really privileged to have supports like Javalord and we are sure that this is just the beginning of a prosperous future ahead.

Author: Debasish

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