Introducing Nole VIP: Mike Savage

4 min readMay 19, 2020

While the Corona pandemic engulfs the whole world it is our Medical practitioners who are the real Superheroes saving this planet. Today we express our gratitude to another such noble professional; NOLE VIP Member: MIKE SAVAGE!

Mike hails from Paradise Island where the famous creator of ‘Cash Flow Quadrant’ and author of bestseller ‘Rich Dad Poor Day’ Mr. Robert Kyosaki was born; the pristine and beautiful Hawaii, USA. Mike lives in the Big Island aka Naalehu which interestingly is the southernmost town of the USA. Naalehu in the local Hawaiian language means “volcanic ashes”; lush vegetation, green valleys, and hills surround the town, and black sand beaches are located nearby.

Today Mike celebrates his 17000th day on this planet. 48 years old Mike shares his birthday with famous Canadian actor Billy MacLellan and Italian footballer Spartaco Landini. After completing his schooling Mike pursued post-graduation in the field of marketing. Immediately after receiving his Bachelor's degree, he got a campus placement in one of the biggest retail store chains in the country. Mike then spent 2 decades working for them and growing up the ranks until the economy witnessed the major recession in 2008. At that point, Mike thought to have a change in career and went ahead to acquire his second Bachelor's degree; this time in Respiratory Therapy.

Now Mike works as a Respiratory Therapist. When he looks back he feels that the decision to switch career 11 years back was wonderful; he hasn’t looked back since and is enjoying this career immensely. Mike lives along with his wife with whom he has been married for 25 years; a silver jubilee filled with fond memories. Mike has a son who is 20 years old and is pursuing college to become a veterinarian.

Hawaii is not a state of mind, but a state of grace, and no wonder Mike is so fond of the natural beauty of his town. He spends most of his free time outside fishing and exploring the coastline. He also enjoys video games from time to time.

Mike came to know about Project NOLE on telegram; he incidentally ran across the gaming portion of NoleLegends in another TG room and looked into it. He got very excited about the possibilities of the game and started buying NoleCoin and purchasing legends. His subsequent interactions with the community lead him to become a VIP No 220; which he feels has been a wonderful experience.

Mike feels that he has been very fortunate to live on the Big Island of Hawaii. ‘Naalehu is paradise born out of the fire’ Mike was able to experience the Volcano eruption, from a distance and learned how powerful Mother Nature can be. He also volunteered in the past with Special Olympics which made him realize how much we take for granted on a daily basis.

Mike leads his life with gratitude for Mother Nature and is a firm believer in giving back to society. His connection with his patients and friends makes him a very lovable person who is well known in his community. Mike also has been a big supporter of Project NOLE from his initial days as VIP and we at NOLE feel really blessed to be in the company of such a Nobel Soul.

Author: Debasish


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