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Today we head over to a capital city that happens to be the biggest marketplace for spices and fruits in Asia. A unique city that historically had 14 gates to enter the city and houses the tallest minaret in the world (Qutub Minar). Yes, we are talking about the capital and largest city of India: Delhi. NOLE VIP Mr. Palak Agarwal was born here on the 266th day of the Gregorian calendar. It’s a day after the autumnal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the day of the vernal equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. In 79 days he will be celebrating his 28th Birthday.

He had been a prodigy since his younger days with great acumen for numbers and mathematics. He got 100% marks in Maths in 12th Board exams, from then onwards his peers call him MATH WIZZARD. The natural career progression led hit to the domain of engineering and he pursued Btech in Electronics and communication branch and is currently Pursuing his Mtech from the prestigious BITS — Pilani along with his job.

Palak has completed 5 years of service with the MNC Samsung Research Institute where he loves working on future tech product ideas.

Palak has a sweet family of Mother and Elder brother. Recently he lost his father due to the corona pandemic. With his maturity and sense of responsibility, he is ensuring that his mother lives a comfortable life and wants to fulfill all her desires. Palak also loves playing cricket, table tennis, listening to romantic music, watching movies and TV series, traveling. He is kind of a geeky one, so always curious to know more about the upcoming technology. He also loves talking to new people, making new friends and making them comfortable, and helping them in every way possible.

He started his crypto journey after the launch of ZLF (ZillonLife) and then he was introduced to NoleCoin and its ecosystem by Nole VIP Mr. Shivam Jain. He got impressed by the entire project and its strategies. In Palak’s own words ‘Since I am a firm believer of delayed gratification, I thought to check it out and since then, it has been an amazing journey. It is like my second home and family.’

Palak’s parents are really proud of the progress Palak has made in his life so far. He Got hired in Samsung, only one his college. As a caring son, he had given his parents, a gift by spending his complete 1st salary.

We at NOLE are delighted to be associated with such noble and caring individuals and we would like to wish Palak a bright and prosperous future ahead.”

Author: Debasish

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