Introducing Nole VIP: Yogi

3 min readApr 8, 2020

Today we introduce one of the youngest legends of our VIP club. Anyone can guess his age? find the answer to the below-mentioned equation (5–4)*(10/2)*{(2+6/3)+(6–5)}. The VIP who is very fond of numbers is Yogi Riandi.

Yogi hails from a beautiful tropical paradise Pekanbaru on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. The name of this city means ‘new market’ and is a buzzing city of trade and economy. With its proximity to natural resources, it is famous for producing tree oils like palm oil, coconut oil, etc. Being brought up in an environment of trade and business Yogi is a natural entrepreneur. While he is still a student completing his master’s degree in Economics he has already ventured into the world of business. He started crypto trading about 3 years back and with his sheer hard work and skills has been quite successful and created a lot of gains. A couple of years back he set up a crypto project along with a few of his friends. He invested a lot of his time, capital, and energy in traveling across the region promoting his new project. While the project couldn’t reach its full potential still it gave him a lot of life lessons and experiences which he will utilize in his next venture. We really appreciate this mindset of ‘keep trying till you succeed’ a trait found in all successful people.

Yogi is the second of 3 siblings, with a life that can be said to have simple happiness. He is really fond of his mother and wants to bring all the happiness of the world to her. His hobbies include reading (especially news) and yes as mentioned earlier he loves math too (got the best math award in school).

About 1,5 years ago he got to know KsumNole (NoleCoin) and tried to get information from Chevkev. He liked the idea and from then onwards we put the NOLE project into his ‘project monitoring’ list that he pays special attention to. As time went by he saw many positive aspects of Chevkev, from the way of marketing and also the way to build the community, it looked a bit like Justinsun (TRON), and also loyal and open to the community it looks a bit like CZ (Binance) and that’s how he started to fully support the project.

At the moment he is still accumulating NoleCoin and is one of the top HODLers of NOLE. He has set up a personal goal of acquiring a minimum 2% of the total supply. Yogi is a great believer and long term supporter of Project Nole and we will as NOLE will contribute to helping Yogi achieve all the milestones he has set for himself.

Author: Debasish

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