Introducing the Nole team: Andrej Brion.

3 min readFeb 20, 2020

38 years back as we entered May 1982 an interplanetary object landed at the edge of the European region of NoleVille; it then hovered around for 18 days before dropping in a seedling and leaving the planet. Who knew back then that this tiny little seedling would grow into the tallest legend of NoleVille. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are pleased to introduce our Tallest team member; Andrej whom all of us lovingly call Tall Friendly Giant.

Andrej was always the tallest lad in his class throughout his schooling and college. After completing his graduation in Information & Communication Technology he started to work in the technology domain in Belgium. However, his love for nature and exploration always pulled him out of a mundane desk job so he eventually decided to build a career in the field technical domain.

Andrej lives his life based on these 2 principles:

#BUIDL: Andrej firmly believes that there are no shortcuts to success and one needs to go through the grind before reaching the pinnacle of success. He loves building things from scratch and not only has he done so with respect to his crypto knowledge, career, sports team, the Nole Team. He has even single-handedly built his House! It took him approximately 2 years but it surely was worth the effort.

#LAW OF KARMA: Andrej firmly believes in the principles of Karma; whatever we do comes back to us multiple folds. No wonder he is called the ‘Drop King’ because he believes the more we give the happier our own life becomes. This philosophy of his helped establish the core Nole Value systems since the inception of the project.

Andrej has been part of the core thinking tank since inception and a lot of his ideas and inputs have helped us reach the current stage of project Nole. He is the livewire of our rooms and technically takes up the role of chief communications officer of Project Nole. He has helped forge many partnerships and friendships within and outside the TRON community.

Our friendly giant recently expanded his family and now lives happily with his loving spouse and 2 new saplings; Baby TFG and Princess TFG; the next generation of NoleVille has arrived. Andrej surprisingly also plays basketball!. Needless to say, every team in Belgium vouches to have him on his side during weekend games. He also loves breaking used machines and creating something fun out of it. If you ever visit Belgium do check out a few of his unique creations.

Andrej also loves road trips and traveling; in a few months; don’t be surprised if you wake up one fine day and see this Tall Friendly Giant standing on the edge of your NoleLegend Village with a bottle of wine and Belgian waffles & chocolates brought in as gifts for you.

Feel free to give TFG a shoutout on Telegram!

Telegram: @TallFriendlyGiant

Author: debasish

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