Introducing the Nole Team: Hesam

3 min readFeb 8, 2020

Dear Friends,

In continuation of our initiative called ‘Introducing Nole Team’ today we are pleased to introduce our Master craftsman Developer: Mr. Hesam.

Hesam hails from Iran and stays there along with his loving wife and a cute little daughter. In-fact his spouse is also a developer so it’s a high tech family indeed. After completing his engineering, Hesam ventured into the world of technology. Later he also qualified professional courses for web applications and blockchain development. Having worked for 15 years in building tech products; last year he eventually entered into the world of business by quitting his day job and becoming a full-time team member of Project NoleCoin.

Hesam came to know about Project NoleCoin on a social media platform and soon there was a connection established with CEO Chevkev. Discussions then started on telegram and soon the idea of NoleLegends on the TRON blockchain started to take shape. Since the day Hesam joined team NoleCoin he has been an integral part of the think tank and has contributed immensely to the technological advancements the project has made.

Hesam loves creating websites and both the Nolelegends and NoleX websites have been designed by him. Hesam is also the creator of the NoleBot which is used extensively within the Nole Ecosystem to Airdrop Weekly dividends and also distributes rewards for the various campaigns we run. With his love for numbers and coding, Hesam spends a lot of time building smart contracts for both NoleLegends and NoleX. Recently Hesam delivered another service by creating another bot called NoleX which is used to track asset values on NoleX. Hesam is a perfectionist and that we can easily access by the quality of products he has already delivered to the community.

Along with having a high IQ level and technical knowledge Hesam is also a very hard working individual. On a normal day, he spends about 12–14 hours on his system building products and crafting smart contracts. It is his dedication and passion which has led to NoleX going live in such a short span of time. Hesam is also very analytical, considering his rich experience of 15 years it helps the project in taking the right business decisions.

Hesam loves the crypto industry and thus has made this industry his passion. Also, Hesam loves to eat out and try out different cuisines and brews. So in case, you happen to meet him do not shy away from asking him out for lunch or dinner; you will never get NO as an answer.

We wish Hesam and his family much happiness, prosperity, and success.

feel free to give Hesam a shoutout on telegram!

Telegram: @Hesam_bcDev

Author: Debasish

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