Well, it’s time to introduce the individual who brings in calmness through his meditative approach in this volatile world of crypto. Well, ladies and gentlemen raise a toast for the most experienced legend of NoleVille who passes on his wisdom to Khotan and is coaching him to become a Legend: Mr. Jos Olde Heuvelt.

Born in the year when Humans went to Space for the first time, in less than 30 days Jos would be celebrating his 59th birthday. In his lifespan, he has seen it all, be it a gallon of gas at 30 cents or the invention of personal computers or the shift from the industrial age to the rise of crypto.

Having been raised close to nature in Europe Jos always loves the color green and blue (plants, sky, and water). After completing middle school and high school in General BETA Jos went ahead and completed his bachelor's degree in transport. While he started to get job offering in administrative departments Jos’s love for adventure, road trips & nature beckoned him to not pursue a desk job career. Subsequently, he applied for and got his driver's license for trucks. Then began a beautiful journey of exploring Europe for the next decade. Jos covered the length and breadth of Europe in all facets from reefers to tankers. After that, he was finally convinced by his family to lead a more settled life. Since 2000 he took up office work and worked his way up the corporate ladder. Having started the second phase of his work life as an assistant dispatcher he grew up to head of the logistics department. Jos now manages the transport of liquid food ranging from chocolate to fruit juices and vegetable oils in heat control tankers. The team working for Jos is always super happy as he as a boss never sets up an 8 to 5 mentality. The team gets to go home the moment the tasks allocated to them are finished. His helping nature brings in a lot of likability for Jos and that’s the reason his team has the least attrition within the organization.

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Jos’s family is his biggest source of energy and happiness. He leads multiple roles in his family; a responsible son who is taking care of a medically fit and happy retired life of his parents to a loving husband who has brought all the happiness for his spouse whatever and whenever she aspired for to a caring dad who brought up the kids with good education and value systems to a fun grandfather who passes on the wisdom to the next generation. Jos is now a proud grandfather of 6 amazing angels who consume almost all of his spare time these days.

Wondering how Jos still looks so young and fit? Well, it’s because of his love for dogs and cycling. He goes for walks with his dogs daily and sometimes takes them to the woods for hunts as well. On weekends it is bicycling in the mountains or in his own polder. In 2015 he along with 5 friends did a major cyclosportive in France called La Marmotte. Cyclists will know what this is. The journey covers 4 big Alpes with famous Galibier and Alpe d’Huez; in total, he covered 174 km at an altitude of 5000 meters. Truly a commendable achievement indeed!

Philanthropy is a domain that works like a magnet to attract people with a good heart. That is what brought Jos to Project Nole and from its early days on inception, he is the most respected and admired team member of Project Nole. As a community manager, his calm demeanor and helping people resolve issues makes him a perfect blend for the role he leads in the Project. As the backend Jos brings in a lot of balance to the ideas discussed with his analytical thought process and vast life experiences.

Jos lives his life by the philosophy ‘Do not think in problems but think in solutions’. He also is a strong believer in cryptocurrency and its future. He believes that we are all starters and still very new in this new age evolution. His vision is to make sure we together build up a strong base for the next generation.

We wish Jos achieves all his life goals and also hope that he now takes retirement soon from active work so that he has more time to enjoy with his family and to mentor Project Nole.

Author: Debasish

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