Introducing the Nole team: Michael

4 min readMar 10, 2020


Here comes the Salsa king we all were waiting for. Born in the year when Time Magazine named the Computer as the person of the year, this amazing Nole team member shares his birth year with Prince William. This was the year when Michael Jackson became a global household name with his blockbuster release Thriller. Who knew 37 years down the line we will be privileged to be in the great company of ……Michael Sevriens.

Michael hails from Sittard a city in the Netherlands. After graduating with a degree in Economics and Administration he picked up a job in an international transport company. Loyalty and trust are the traits he strongly believes in and thus Michael has continued working for the same organization for the past 12 years; growing up the ranks with his sheer hard work, dedication, and passion. He started his career in the administration department and then got promoted into the sales department. A couple of years down the line he was promoted to a Sales Manager and then subsequently managed the audit department as well. Now he has been given additional responsibilities of doing HSEQ management for all departments in the Netherlands. HSEQ for your understanding means (Hygiene Safety, Environment, Quality). Michael within the company also participates in CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) campaigns to take a lot of care for our environment. One of the major initiatives he is working on is the project ‘Ocean Clean Sweep’ The Endeavour is to avoid plastic in the ocean so as to have a great future for the next generation.

Michael lives his life by the quote: “actions speak louder than words”. What people do shows more then what people say. That’s also what Michael’s character depicts; He doesn’t say things, rather shows it by execution.

He got interested in crypto in 2017 and started investigating crypto. Since back then he was a novice, he read a lot and gained knowledge through articles, blogs, journals, social media, etc. Subsequently, TRX drew a lot of his attention and after reading more he got introduced to Guild chat. There he saw some startup projects and found that there were some good projects active like IGG and BeatzCoin. Simultaneously during his research, he saw Ksumnole and it immediately drew his attention. He learned about Ksumnole and wanted to do something good for the project, so he got in contact with Chevkev the founder of Ksumnole, and the chats started, the click was there and he became a team member on Guild chat. After that, the journey progressed to Telegram. He was there when the group started from 0 followers. He started to put in his time and effort in building up our community. 100 followers were the first goal than 500, and he never looked back from thereon. He feels really proud of what has been build up with great determination and hard work. He was there helping the community when the transition from TRC10 KsumNole to the TRC20 NoleCoin happened and since then has contributed with his ideas and community management skills to help the overall Nole Ecosystem evolve and grow.

Delivering commitments is what Michael always strives for and that’s why he is happy to be a team member in Nole. He believes that Nole as a team is always making progress and we all learn every day from each other and the community. The combination of philanthropy, gaming, and the exchange excite him and he is constantly thinking of what more services we can provide to our community. For him, all the VIPs are team members and that’s what makes the project unique; everyone is equal in Nole.

Another fun fact is that Michael has the first VIP card ever made!

Michael is a single dad and his 3-year son is the primary focus of his existence. He will ensure that his little kid lives his life as a prince. This also leads him to be a firm believer in crypto and sees crypto as the future. It will be the next big step in the modern economy. Also, Michael loves beer of all origins and is an expert salsa dancer. Due to his fun and credible nature he has many friends whom he loves to hang out with. Michael also loves chatting and he has many friends within the telegram community too. This is what makes him a perfect Nole Community manager.

We are sure in years to come Michael will be a well-known personality who would inspire people to live life by value systems of trust and credibility.

Author: Debasish

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