Introducing the Nole team: Vlad

3 min readApr 3, 2020


It’s now time to introduce our legendary team member from the biggest land on the planet. The villages of NoleLegends in his part of the faction are proud to house the deepest lake of the world-Lake Baikal, the energy-producing river the Volga and the snow-clad mountain ranges of Mt Elbrus. It’s a pleasure to introduce the nature-loving NOLE team member from Russia: Vladislav Vologdin whom we lovingly call Vlad!

Vlad hails from the beautiful city of Lipetsk along the banks of the Voronezh River. From his childhood days Vlad grew up close to nature with some frequent camping in the forests and occasional boat rides for fishing. As he grew up and went to college Vlad and his friends started to explore more of nature; with almost half of Russia being covered, they were always spoilt for choices.

Vlad also happened to be a very studious kid and was among the top students in his school. Vlad subsequently graduated in Economics with a specialization in trading and got a campus placement in one of the biggest Elevator manufacturing firms of the country.

A Libra by Zodiac sign; Vlad was born 15146 days ago. He now leads a happy family life with his loving spouse and 2 beautiful kids. During weekends he loves to take his family out on long drives to the forests for overnight camping and fishing. As a hobby, Vlad is a great craftsman in making leather products. His expertise is in making wallets and loves making different variations for both men and women usage.

He got introduced into the world of crypto in 2017 and with his educational background quickly understood the economic value of Bitcoin as a store of value because of it being fungible, tangible and limited in supply. Then he started to explore other coins and tokens and that’s when he came across the Nole project on guild chat. Being close to Nature Vlad naturally had an inclination towards environment preservation and conservation. This philanthropic though process attracted him towards Nole and the day the project moved to telegram he volunteered to be a community admin for Russian chats. Subsequently, Vlad with his knowledge of trees, plants, and forests contributed immensely in shaping up NoleLegends.

A loving family man, a community person who has lots of friends because of his calm nature, a responsible dad who is raising his kids with a great value system, an intelligent and hard-working employee, a skilled craftsman, an amazing supporter of the long term vision of Nole; in summary Vlad is an all-round package.

We at Nole are blessed to have him on board as a team member and wish him all the success in life.

Author: Debasish

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