It’s time to meet the newest Nole Angel: AngelFoxy. To meet her we travel to the state having the longest coastline of the United States of America; the only state that borders the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. It’s the boating and fishing capital of the world with more than 7700 lakes, 11,000 miles of rivers, 2,276 miles of tidal shoreline, and has produced more than 900 world fishing records, more than any other state, or country. With her love for nature and greenery, it’s no wonder that AngelFoxy chooses Florida as her habitat. Florida was named for the day on which it was first seen (April 2, 1513) by Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon, who called it La Florida in honor of Pascua Florida, the Spanish Feast of the Flowers (Easter).

Angel Foxy was born in Russia on ‘Winnie the Pooh Day’ that’s 18 days after we celebrate New Year. Interestingly it’s also the UFO Day, marking the first reported sighting of a UFO in America by Pilgrims in Boston. Well we never know she actually might be an alien dropped here on planet earth by one of those UFO’s with the objective for restoring peace and harmony on this planet. During her childhood, she relocated along with her family to Florida. With her passion to serve humanity, she choose a career in medicine and graduated as an Associate in Nursing. Along with helping people in need of medical help she also works on a part-time basis as a legal secretary.

Along with her mission of helping people, AngelFoxy is also a very health-conscious lady. She loves gyming and tennis. Also being in Florida going to trails and rock climbing comes naturally to her.

She was introduced to the NoleFamily by Dejan and joined the clan as VIP No 382. With her flamboyant nature and a great sense of humor she quickly has been able to forge many friendships within the VIP group. Her enthusiasm and positive attitude towards life makes her a favorite of many.

We at NOLE are really privileged to have such cheerful people on board who know how to enjoy life and work towards finding solutions to challenges of life rather than sitting back to just crib and blame situations. We are sure that people who carry this positive attitude towards life are bound to be successful and lead a happy life.

We wish AngelFoxy all the success and happiness of the world.

Author: Debasish

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