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It is an absolute honor to introduce a multitalented, dynamic, energetic individual whom we lovingly know as BoJaX. Well, Mr. BoJaX aka Mr. Charles B Phythian hails from the port city of the great Gold Rush: San Francisco, USA. It is famous for its Golden Gate Bridge, steep streets, Alcatraz, and — The Full House. During the Great Depression, not a single bank in San Francisco failed. In fact, business was so good that the city constructed the Golden Gate Bridge and the Oakland Bay Bridge during the Depression. In 1906, three-quarters of the city was destroyed by an earthquake and fire but the city survived and got re-built again. It displays the natural financial acumen and resilience which runs in the blood of the people there and this never say die attitude is what’s on display when you interact with Mr. Charles.

Mr. Charles was born on the 83rd day of the year in the Gregorian calendar; i.e 24th March. Interestingly it is the 365th and last day of the year in many European implementations of the Julian calendar. Mr. Charles shares his birthday with celebrities like The Undertaker, Jim Parsons, Jessica Chastain, Steve McQueen, Lara Boyle & Tommy Hilfiger.

As stated above Mr. Charles is a multi-talented personality; he is a renaissance man, a father, a builder, musician, poet, blockchain enthusiast who after multiple careers spanning several decades, ultimately wound up seeking to expand his involvement in the blockchain. He grew up under the Radome of Mt Tamalpais and he feels that some of the astral sensitivity and projection abilities he has are as a result of the GIANT radar dish next to his parent’s bedroom. After schooling, Mr. Charles joined the College of Marin, before graduation he became activities director and subsequently won an election for student council. During his college days, he produced Shakespeare on the Lawn and the Noon Lunchtime BAND series. After completing college Mr. Charles decided to be an actor and musician and launched his funk band POETIC JUSTICE, where he was the lead singer. They opened for big stars like Stray Cats, Chris Isaacs Devo, Tower of Power and played with friends Psychafunkapus. Later he started to develop and produce too. With his extraordinary talent, he soon evolved into a director and screenwriter and produced too. His band Poetic Justice played lunch and at the Halloween Extravaganza. He performed in an improve acting group, the Pacific Coast Players during the band break. Simultaneously he got 2 Arts degrees from Marin Community College; one in Filmmaking and a second in Drama. He then took a transfer to UCLA in the early nineties.

Soon he started working for Aeon Productions and created the Fractal Friends, an animal-based Team of superheroes with Fractal Superpowers to heal the earth of the Evils of the CyberClown whose burger bots were seeding the minds of youth through fast food. They were featured in the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in 1992. After this, UCLA School of Theater Film and TV gave an opportunity of production work with his mentor Myrl Shreibman. Mr. Charles worked for several years on television and film productions and tv credits of “Max Headroom Twenty Minutes into the Future” as well as the feature films “Crossroads of Destiny” and “Heat”.

Always looking for ways to heal the planet of its ills Mr. Charles turned to renewable construction and simultaneously continued his devotion to spiritual practices of meditation. Consequently, he founded Beaumont Builders Contracting in Northern California and helped homeowners or investors improve and recreate their dream properties. This work was physically demanding and that was when Mr. Charles decided to venture out into the world of financial markets and investments so that he could get more time for his friends and family. He started his investment journey with a huge investment in a pineapple farm in Costa Rica; the home of the longest left surf break in the world at Pavone, Costa Rica, however, there were losses during the big crash of ’08. This, however, didn’t slow down Mr. Charles and he continued moving forward with greater resolve and passion. The next decade he spent building up a stock market portfolio and achieved great success with his fast learning abilities and a strong sense of numbers and finance.

After some considerable experience in finance, he was inspired by BITCOIN and crypto and he founded CPILRI in 2017; an angel investor company that helps crypto start-ups at his personal discretion. Crypto-Pacific Innovation Laboratories Research Investments, the company grants 4-year sponsorships to crypto start-ups. He is in his 3rd year with GCC, 2nd year with XBI, and now the First year with $NOLE. In the crypto domain, it is now shaping up as ‘the BoJaX brand’ and a lot of projects are pursuing to get Mr. Charles onboard their projects. Simultaneously Mr. Charles moderates Bitcoin Diamond [$BCD], BitcoinIncognito, GCC, and is on Teams at $XBI. He is currently Privacy Alliance Manager for $XBI. Looking at the cryptocurrency space and newer technologies like Altcoin and Smart Contracts, he saw the future was here but needed privacy protection, so he began mining Monero XMR and has expanded and now has experience in mining the whole family of Monero coins like LOKI, BBR, ZANO, XEQ. As a privacy coin buff ZECASH, PVIX, DASH are a few of the other projects he likes and follows.

Mr. Charles is a firm believer of #NewTechonomy; however, he feels that it will be attacked by governments and banking because they are rich and powerful and won't like the people breaking the bonds which have bound us to unjustified financial dependency outside ourselves. He saw a need for PrivacyProtocols to protect consumers and users and founded the WorldPrivateersGuild aka GuildoPrivateers. Projects which hold their endowments range from 3D printing (Global Cryptocurrency $GCC) where he is also an affiliate and Team Leader, to $XBI, the shining gem of the privacy space because while they have worked alongside dev with ARRR ZEC HUSH ZANO CCX and a slew of others, they are the Black Swan, the unseen DEFI $XBI 2.0 release is eminent and will change the face of it.

Mr. Charles still plays multiple instruments and currently, bouzouki is his favorite. Also with his young son, he is building a streaming studio at Capillary base, Lagunitas with “blocks and chains” and that is his current passion.

Mr. Charles met TriskellX from Italy in one of the social media groups, who introduced him to $NOLE. Mr. Charles likes SOLID and SECURE chains and while he is NEW to TRON, but he has plans of branching into a multichain Network and chose NOLE on part because NETH was in the roadmap and in part because gaming with his son is one of the most important things he absolutely loves to do. So a game like NoleLegends where one can earn crypto along with a social message of planting trees and charity sounded perfect to Mr. Charles. In his own words ‘to TEACH charity to my son THROUGH a GAME is PERFECT’.

Soon after joining the VIP group, Mr. Charles decided to become a NIC (Nole Inner Circle) member by holding 5000 $NOLE. From day 1 his contribution to the project has been immense. Be it creating awareness with his innovative tweets, to his ideas of the long-term success of the project; Mr. Charles has contributed a lot towards the long term success of the project in just a short span of time.

The journey of Mr. Charles is a learning for a lot of young entrepreneurs that life will give you it’s share of ups and downs but how positively we respond to such situations eventually determines the level of success we achieve. More than money it is important first to build financial and emotional acumen and once it is done then money is just a by-product which will eventually flow to your accounts.

We sincerely thank Mr. Charles for his great support and positivity and together we surely will take Project NOLE to greater heights.

Author: Debasish


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