Introducing the NOLE VIP: Claes

3 min readApr 29, 2020

‘May the fourth be with you’

Starwars day or the famous George Lucas’s Jedi day was registered in history books as the day on commencement of the legendary StarWars, but what the history books missed to notice; was that on this same day a legend was born in the beautiful town of Gothenburg, Sweden: Claes Torstensson. Claes will be celebrating his 48th birthday in 5 days from today and we sure will be celebrating it in the NOLE VIP room!

Claes lives on the west coast of Sweden which happens to be the second-largest city of the country. Gothenburg is also called ‘Little London’ as many Englishmen and Scotsmen became very wealthy as among others: Carnegie, Chalmers, Chapman, Dickson, Hall, and Keiller. With crypto now it’s the turn of Claes to get onto this list.

From his childhood days, Claes has an interest in technology and computers and that led to a natural choice of career in Information Technology. He currently works for Gothenburg’s IT department. Simultaneously he is also a board member of a national association that has a branch in his city. The association helps people who are suffering from anxiety disorder and stuff associated with that. All who are active in the association have own experiences of anxiety in different forms. Claes having been battling it a great deal of his life and himself shares his knowledge and experience of how positive thinking and strong will power can help overcome any challenges life throws at us. A true character of a man who always is a winner by attitude.

He has a loving family of two boys, 15 and 17 years old, and his spouse with whom he has been together for 20+ years. He has quite a few hobbies which include photography, acrylic painting, meditation, listening to all kinds of music, almost daily (Everything from Classic to Rammstein). He also loves being in nature, the forest, or the coast. Being with his family is his greatest stress buster. Last but not least he absolutely loves to travel!

For the last 1 year, he has been totally immersed in the crypto world. With the addition of crypto in his hobbies, he spends a considerable amount of time on Telegram these days.

He started off crypto almost a year ago, during initial days he always thought it was just nerds and too complex. His first contact with the world of crypto was through the AIRCOINS app. Subsequently, he came across NOLE. It was twitter where he noticed it first and then he joined the telegram groups. Soon after getting a hang of the project, he decided to become a VIP member as No 255.

Crypto projects I am currently most interested in is, of course, NOLE, as per Claes ‘It is truly a wonderful community led by a great team! It is the best of the best’. He also likes Tron Europe and also projects like Sesame seed, Tronsecure, and Virtual Hash.

Claes has been a wonderful community member since the day he has joined the VIP room. He is the first VIP from Sweden and he hopes that he will be the NOLE flag bearer to build a huge community in Sweden.

Author: Debasish

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