Introducing the Nole VIP: Dejan

3 min readJun 15, 2020

Since NoleX recently listed the Bee token we thought it is the best time to head over to the country which loves bees to meet a flamboyant NOLE VIP. We are talking about a country where 1 in 20 people keep bees. Hives and honey is practically a religion in the country which is home for jovial and energetic: Mr Dejan Smrdeli.

Dejan hails from Slovenia which is rich in culture and natural beauty. It has beautiful mountains like the Triglav National park or Kranjska; pristine clean lakes like ‘Lake Bled’; vintage castle ‘Ljubljana Castle’ which is rich in artwork. With more than 50% of its land being covered in forest it is one of the greenest countries in the world.

Dejan shares his birthday with the historic day when Coca Cola was first sold to the public. This was the same day Mr. Homer Simpson from the famous ‘Simpsons’ was born. After finishing his schooling Dejan took up graduation in the domain of Electronics. After completing his education he got into retail domain and now carries a rich experience of 24 years. In his career spanning more than 2 decades he has worked in many leadership roles and with his amazing interpersonal skills he has become an expert in managing big teams and setting retail distribution business models.

Dejan has a loving family and he is proud dad of two beautiful daughters, 15 years and 20 years old. Being a hardworking individual Dejan is busy with his job most of the time; however he manages some free time he loves to spend that time in skill up-gradation by practicing basic programming or gaining knowledge about crypto. He also fancies off-road quad driving.

Dejan first heard about NOLE on GuildChat, always followed the project with one eye. He sometimes feels he waited a bit long before joining the NOLE VIP group; but its better late than never. He feels that NOLE is a project with a bright future.

Dejan has been a very active participant in the NOLE VIP group and has forged great friendships there in a short span of time. With his pleasant personality and great sense of humor he is fast becoming a favorite of many.

Dejan feels that the more awareness we create about Project NOLE the faster everyone involved benefits. The concept of inclusive growth is what will help everyone grow exponentially. Dejan’s message to everyone is ‘Try to enjoy day after day. You never know when it will end. Live for that given moment.’

Author: Debasish

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