Introducing the NOLE Vip: Deniz

4 min readAug 13, 2020


An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but if the doctor is as cute as Dr. Deniz, the ladies forget the fruit. Today let’s head over on a journey to the ancient Silk route where you will find the 6th biggest city of Turkey. Previously and still informally called Antep, home of Dr. Deniz is the capital of Gaziantep Province, called Gaziantep. Deniz’s hometown is famous for its rich history, the beautiful and warm people, and the delectable cuisine! It’s a UNESCO Creative Gastronomy City for a Reason; The Pistachio Coffee, Cheesecake Pistachio, and All Food Made of it are Worth Flying For. Gaziantep is the Pistachio Capital of Turkey. They produce 100,000 tons of it every year, and it’s all quality produce. So no wonder they make most of their dishes with it. Also, delicious Kebabs and Baklava are a must-try. Not only that, but Gaziantep is also Where You Can Experience ‘The Authentic Turkish Hammam’. When you visit Dr. Deniz don’t forget to check out The Zugma Muzik Muzesi, The Gypsy Lady, and Castle Situated on a Hill Located in the Heart of the City. Here in Gaziantep, the Word Shopping is Redefined! Here, you’ll witness the copper masters do their craft of transforming anything copper into a handicraft, and see the shoemakers create leather shoes similar to the ones from the movie, Troy.

Dr Deniz Karaoglu was born in this culturally rich city on the day called as ‘Customer is Wrong Day’ and guess to prove it right he decided to become a Doctor (because when the patient has had a wrong lifestyle, eating habits, etc, that’s when they visit a doctor). This is also the historic day when The Royal College of Physicians, in Edinburgh, Scotland, was granted its charter. Dr. Deniz is 1 year younger than the author of this article and celebrates his birthday 32 days before the world celebrates New Year.

Dr. Deniz completed his schooling and medical faculty in Gaziantep too. Then he started as an emergency service doctor and continued practicing the noble profession for the next 10 years. With great service record, he got a great opportunity and left his job and started as a medical manager at the prestigious Sandoz Turkey medicine company, where he has been working for the last 2 years.

Dr. Deniz is a great father with two angel daughters (9 years and 7 years). During his spare time he does research about the Universe and one of his latest passions is to find out from which part of the Universe the Nole Angels arrived in NoleVille. He also enjoys swimming, yoga, and trekking.

He was introduced to the Nole project by another flamboyant VIP Mr. Dejan, Dr. Deniz felt a sense of gratitude towards Mr. Dejan, and then he thanked him for this great project and great family and in a short time joined to VIP club as VIP No 383.

Dr. Deniz also has a spiritual bent of mind. In Dr. Deniz’s words ‘I always believe the energy of the universe, believe Karma and Dharma; if you behave to people in good condition eventually it turns on to you as goodness; if you send positive energy to the universe you take positiveness from the world.’

These noble words truly define the great character of Dr. Deniz and if we have more people like him this world will be such a beautiful place to live in.

We at NoleFamily are really proud to have Dr. Deniz in the clan and we wish him loads of prosperity and happiness in days to come.

Author: Debasish

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