Introducing the NOLE VIP: Eric

3 min readApr 10, 2020

Doctors are said to be the wall between patients and death and that’s why it is considered to be one of the noblest professions across the globe. Today we are privileged to introduce one such noble person who graces the NOLE VIP room: Eric Carteau

Current Holdings: 12000 + NOLE

Eric shares his birthday with America’s First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. This was also the date when Peru gained independence from Spain and King Henry VIII got married. This date of 28th July 1971 is also well known for being the birthday of famous composer Richard Wright and famous actor Rudy Vallee. 25,616,160 minutes old Eric hails from Switzerland and lives in the beautiful town located north of Lake Geneva called Vevey. This town is world-famous because it’s where the world-famous international food and beverage company Nestle was founded. This was also the home for world-famous actor and comedian Charlie Chaplin.

Eric is a qualified medical practitioner and currently works as a Nurse in the Emergency Department. Post the corona outbreak he has been burning midnight oil to ensure the wellbeing of all his patients. As a warrior, he has been working extended hours to fight the coronavirus and brings healthy recovery of his patients. With his high level of patience and good nature, he not only is providing the required treatment but his positive talks and motivation bring about a boost in the courage of his patients and the positive vibes help in speedy recovery.

While it might sound strange that doctors call what they do ‘practice’ there is no second thought about the precision with which Eric executes his work. That precision he exhibits even in his decisions to pick good projects for his crypto investments. He was introduced to the NOLE project by Michael and he loved the concept of the overall ecosystem being built under the NOLE umbrella brand. Subsequently, he has started to increase his NOLE holding and today is among the top 20 HODLers of NOLE with a new goal set to achieve, the 20000 mark.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but if the doctor is handsome like Eric then it’s better to forget the fruit. While Eric has a nice fan following because of his great smile and helpful nature. The most he enjoys is family time. He is happily married and has a cute little 2.5 years old kid. Being from Switzerland it’s no wonder that he absolutely loves skiing. Also, he is passionate about crypto and gaming.

We would love to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Eric for the great service he is extending towards mankind. It’s because of people like him we will be able to defeat this virus and bring back a normal life on earth.

Author: Debasish

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