Introducing the Nole VIP: John

3 min readMar 30, 2020

A few weeks back we started the initiative ‘Introducing the Nole Team’ to build in greater transparency and trust. Now that the community knows a lot more about almost all the team members we are pleased to share that we are extending this initiative to ‘Introducing the Nole VIPs’. The objective here is to build upon and strengthen our relationship with our VIPs and create a community of friends who ride this Nole wave together. In the first article of this series, we would love to introduce our VIP member: Mr. John O Connor.

John who goes around in telegram with the handle @johnboy771 is one of the earliest VIPs of Nole holding the lucky VIP card number 13. He hails from England and with his love for boats and beaches he currently resides near the Pleasure beach on the Irish Sea coast in the beautiful town of Blackpool, Lancashire.

John as an individual is a go-getter and believes in living life on his own terms, thus rather than being shackled by 9 to 6 jobs he decided to start his own venture and has been a successful entrepreneur for the last 6 years. During his holidays and free time, he loves to spend time with his loving spouse and cute 6 children of his. Also, he loves the sea and frequently ventures out on sail to do fishing. John is an avid Liverpool fan and is excited that his favorite team would be winning the Premier League this season. John is an expert poker player too, Texas Holdem especially is what he excels in.

Being a family man and helping people comes naturally to John. He has been associated with philanthropic initiatives like animal protection and fighting the battle against cancer. This noble characteristic of John drew him towards project Nole in December 2018. Since then he has been a pillar of support for the project and has contributed to all the initiatives run by project Nole. He believes that blockchain is the future for domains like philanthropy, gaming, etc and thus is involved as an integral part of the NoleCoin project.

We thank John for his continuous patronage and wish that all his dreams and aspirations are fulfilled soon.

Feel free to give John a shoutout in the VIP room!

Author: Debasish

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