Today we head over to an island city that comprises a group of 64 islands to meet our next NOLE VIP. The city of man-made waterfalls, a city which creates history in the night — by being the first to conduct F1 night race or to open the world’s first night zoo. Yes, we are talking about one of the world’s most prosperous countries; it’s a financial center, an achievement in urban planning, and serves as a model for developing nations. It’s also one of our most popular travel destinations: SINGAPORE.

Our VIP Mr. Kelvin Lee hails from this prosperous island. He recently celebrated his birthday when Moon, Saturn & Jupiter were shining brightly in the night sky and visible to the naked eye even without a telescope! Across the globe people celebrate World Children’s Day on Kelvin’s birthday i.e 20th November. Kelvin also shares his birthday with Joe Biden, Robert F Kennedy, Bo Derek, Future, Joel McHael.

From his childhood days, Kelvin has been a very bright student and was brought up by his parents with great values and discipline. After completing schooling with high grades Kelvin decided to pursue his passion for technical studies and acquired a diploma in Mechatronics. With his good grades and high IQ level he immediately got campus placement the moment he completed his studies. Subsequently in the past 2 decades, Kelvin has worked in various technical domains like; Aviation, Machine repair, and maintenance, manufacturing, oil, and gas.

After getting settled in a job Kelvin decided to get married and has a great family with a loving spouse and two lovely kids. During his spare time, he enjoys gaming (both PC and Console). With his love for technology and numbers, he is also a vociferous supporter of blockchain technology and loves to study the technological advancements going on in this domain. Apart from TRON he also has immense knowledge about the Ethereum blockchain.

The concept of gaming with charity attracted Kelvin to project NOLE and since he became NOLE VIP he has been an active community member of NoleFamily. With his knowledge and helping nature, he helps a lot of members whenever they feel stuck on some technical issues.

Kelvin has a very positive and futuristic outlook towards life and that makes him an asset for project NOLE. We are grateful to have such a cheerful and kind-hearted individual among us and we hope that the bond of friendship strengthens with the passage of time and together we create an epic project spread across multiple blockchain platforms.

Author: Debasish


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