Introducing the Nole VIP: Nancy

3 min readJun 15, 2020

It’s a pleasure to introduce the newest addition to the #NoleAngels group: Nancy Drost.

Nancy hails from from a city in the Netherlands called Amersfoort. It’s a vibrant city with activities ranging from business to education and culture. This is the same city where the legendary creator of the ‘NoleLegends Soundtrack’ Nienke stays.

Nancy shares her birthday with the icon Mr. Elvis Prestley. This was also the historic day when the world-renowned ‘Monalisa’ painting was for the first time exhibited to the world. Being a Capricorn; Nancy has a personality that is strong, dedicated, and ambitious, yet subtle, unassuming, and refined. Although determined, competitive, and hardworking, she also possesses imagination, sensitivity, and charismatic charm. This makes her a perfect blend of the #NoleAngel fraternity.

Nancy finished her graduation with specialization in healthcare and subsequently joined a nursing home for older people Named LYVORE at Amersfoort. She recently completed a decade of her service and aspires to continue serving mankind. Care is her passion; she always turns up to work with a happy feeling and a great smile on her face. Her workplace is like her second home and her great colleagues are just like her family.

During her spare time Nancy loves to get involved into drawing, puzzling, Latin dancing, doing fun things with her best friend and with her children. In case you do not find her doing any of these things then for sure you will find her hooked onto Netflix.

Nancy ventured into the world of NOLE first through Guild Chat. Soon with her friendly nature she forged many friendships and became admin in the room. Jeroen was the one instrumental in getting her understand the VIP group and from there onwards there has been no looking back. She really enjoys the company of other Nole Angels — Olya & Annepan and considers the VIP room as her Digital Home. Being always positive and cheerful comes naturally to Nancy and with her core values of Caring and Serving we are sure that Nancy will help spread happiness and wellbeing across #NoleFamily.

We wish Nancy a happy life ahead; with all the good Karma she has been doing; it’s bound to happen for her.

Author: Debasish

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