Introducing the Nole VIP: Nemo

3 min readApr 5, 2020

Today we will be introducing a NOLE VIP who hails from a beautiful place called as ‘Gods own country’ because of pristine natural beauty being present in this state in Down south of India known as Kerala. The state is famous for its beaches, backwaters, boathouses, mangroves and lush green forests. It is said that you will find all shades of green color here because of the immense varieties of plantations being available here. Being a native of such a beautiful habitat it’s no wonder that this VIP of ours: Nasaruddeen CP whom we lovingly call as NEMO fell in love with the concept of NoleLegends and subsequently became one of our biggest promoters and supporters.

28 years young Nemo is a flamboyant individual who loves to go out and make new friends every day. After finishing his education he picked up a career in Marketing and has a total work experience of 7 years. He truly is a family man and stays with his big family of father, mother, brother, 2 sisters along with his loving spouse and a cute little son.

He is a self-made individual who believes in the though process of ‘Nothing is impossible’. This has been true for his crypto journey too. Being a novice just a few years back he invested a lot of time and energy to gain knowledge and improved his skill set. Today he is growing as an influencer as well with more than 6000 followers on Twitter. This attitude of exploring new things is what brought him to the project NOLE. Initially, he was part of the main group but gradually as he understood the long term potential of NOLE and felt in alignment with the Vision he took the plunge into the VIP room. From then onwards there has been no looking back. He has been one of the most active members of the VIP group and also one of the most active participants in the monthly bounties. His sheer hard work and persistence have helped immensely in expanding the userbase of the NOLE Ecosystem.

This is just the beginning of a beautiful long term friendship and we are sure that NEMO will contribute in a big way in expanding the NOLE Ecosystem by leveraging his marketing skills. We wish NEMO all the best for his future endeavors and may he fulfill all his life goals and dreams.

Author: Debasish

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