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Do you like the soundtrack which plays in the NoleLegends game? Do you know who made it? Well, it’s a composition created by VIP: Nienke Buiskool Leeuwma. If you talk about multi-talented personality; then Nienke ranks among the top in the list.

Nienke hails from Amersfoort; renowned business magazine Elsevier ranked Amersfoort the best Dutch city to live and work in. It is a hidden gem of the Netherlands! Especially since Amersfoort has some amazing classic canals, Dutch houses, and historic sites which are seriously impressive. If you plan to meet Nienke in Amersfoort then don’t forget to also visit the KAdE museum, The ‘Koppelpoort’, a land- and watergate built-in 1425, eat lekker food or when it’s raining and you think ‘fudge it, I want the beach’ there’s Zandvoort aan de Eem. If you feel like having a panoramic view of the city then Climb the ‘Onze Lieve Vrouwen Toren’

Belonging to such a culturally diverse city 35 years young Nienke is involved in various domains related to art. She is an artistic Melissa Belly Dance expert and also gives dance classes. She is a proficient singer and songwriter and is amazing in playing the harp. She has featured on many local radio shows. Her talents don’t end here, she is also a multimedia academic and does online marketing management. She is also adept at setting up websites. If you thought that’s a lot it doesn’t end here. Nienke is also qualified in alternative medicine and uses this skill of hers to improve the immunity and well being of the community in her town.

Nienke is a strong independent lady; having weathered the challenges of domestic violence she didn’t take it lying down but rather worked hard to overcome those challenges and create her own identity. Today Nienke is a champion for ‘women’s empowerment’ cause and is a role model of many women who suffer from domestic violence. She firmly believes that we are born on this planet not just to eat, sleep and die one day rather there is a bigger purpose and everyone should strive to make this planet better for our next generation.

Her hobbies include singing, dancing, gaming, ukulele, and playing the harp. Nienke got into the crypto world through an initiative called ‘Girls Know BlockChain’. It is a community-focused of finding likeminded individuals who can understand the future of Blockchain. After understanding the basics of crypto which intrigued her, she started to explore social media and that is where she found NOLE. Subsequently, she decided to become a VIP because she felt the NOLE group being like a family.

It has been a fun journey with Nienke so far and we are really grateful to her for the contribution towards ‘NoleLegends Soundtrack’ and also the help she has extended in spreading the word around for NOLE project. We wish that in years to come Nienke becomes a world-famous artist.

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Author: Debasish

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