Introducing the Nole VIP: Olga

4 min readApr 7, 2020

It’s time now to head over to the heart of Europe to introduce our VIP from a very young country that gained independence just 27 years back. A historical country that hosts 7 world heritage sites and famous for its national drink HORILKA meaning ‘burning water’ the country called Ukraine is filled with natural resources be it lakes, forests or mountains. The Nole VIP who hails from the beautiful town of Zaporizhia is Olga Radenko whom we also know as Olya.

Born on the 29th of May 32 years ago, Olya is a true Gemini. Like most Gemini’s Olya is a talented speaker and a charmer. She is passionate about independence and also very creative. Olya graduated from the magistracy of the university and post that she became a teacher of the Ukrainian language and literature. Since 2009 she has been working in the field of education. Her first job was related to the social rehabilitation of children with special needs, which helped her see the world from a completely different perspective. This was when she also realized the need for philanthropy across the globe as many people need to be supported during various challenges in their life. Subsequently, she took up a job in a private elementary school. Her never give up attitude makes her come with solutions even during challenging times. During quarantine due to Corona Outbreak, she is not sitting idle; rather she has switched to distance teaching. Therefore, we can proudly call her an IT specialist too.

Olya has a beautiful daughter who is 8 years old and she is her biggest motivation. Her daughter always keeps her in happy spirits and that’s why you will always find Olya emitting positive vibes be it on telegram or twitter or in real life. Her dream is to open up her own alternative school. She loves to do yoga and exercises in my free time. No wonder Pitaya is her favorite legend! She also loves to read books! She is a big fan of Stephen King and probably has read all the books penned by him.

Olya got interested in crypto about two years ago. Soon with her fast learning skills, she started to gain an understanding of how this industry works. With her strong communication skills, she became a community admin of several Russian-speaking groups. However, with a lack of free time, she started to focus on 1–2 good projects. That’s when her friend Deba; whom she had known for a long time in one of the common groups, introduced her to NOLE. Why did she choose NOLE? Well, as per her words ‘This project combines an interesting & thoughtful game, exchange, VIP program, etc. And most importantly, the main goal of the project is philanthropy! Well, for me the choice is obvious.’

Olya has been of great support to NOLE by helping in spreading the word around thus creating a high level of awareness about the NOLE Ecosystem. She has also contributed to increasing the user base of both NoleX and NoleLegends. Team NOLE is really grateful for the support and patronage extended by Olya for Project NOLE. We promise that together we will help you achieve all the dreams and goals you have set for yourself and your family.

Author: Debasish

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