Introducing the NOLE Vip: Shivam

4 min readAug 12, 2020

Today we head over to the garden city of India to meet a young VIP who has a big aspiration to become successful in the world of entrepreneurship. We are talking about talented and hardworking 27-year-old Mr. Shivam Jain. He hails from the city of Bangalore also called ‘Bengaluru’ which is known as the IT Hub of India and is also called the ‘Silicon Valley of India’. The etymology of the name Bengaluru dates back to the 12th century when King Veera Ballala got lost in a forest and was served boiled beans by an old woman he found there — thus naming the place ‘Benda — Kal — Ooru’ (the land of cooked beans), that changed to Bengaluru over time. A fact about Bangalore not known to many — It has the most number of Nobel Prize nominees. Interestingly the first electric street light lit in Asia, was in fact in Bangalore!

Shivam shares his birthday with famous golfer Mr. Bobby Jones and Hollywood star Mr. Kurt Russell. It is also the historic day when the kingdom of Italy was formed. From his childhood days, Shivam was very inquisitive and wanted to explore things. With a high IQ level, we passed the entrance exam of the prestigious National Institute of Technology and graduated with a Btech degree. He subsequently got placement in the IT industry and has spent close to 6 years in designing and developing enterprise applications. He is currently employed as a Senior Developer at Junglee Games.

While most of his peers believe in the concept of finding a safe and secure job and work for a peaceful retirement; Shivam had different plans for his life. Early on he realized that it makes more sense to pursue entrepreneurship rather than just working for someone else for the rest of life. He subsequently decided to use his spare time productively and rather than spending it watching Netflix or playing games online he uses his spare time to build a business. This mindset is what brought him into the world of cryptocurrency as he understood that money leveraging is one of the most powerful tools to gain financial freedom. He further realized the importance of creating multiple cash flows and thus started to build an e-com business by taking a franchise of ZillonLife. His passion and ownership soon started to pay dividends and he got in direct touch with the founders. Looking at his zeal to learn new things, ownership, and initiatives he took to drive the business forward he was taken on board as a team member in ZLF blockchain project. He is a great example to young people on how to use spare time constructively to make a better future which is not only prosperous but also provides the freedom to an individual to lead his/her life on his own terms.

Shivam is an eligible bachelor and has a loving father, mother, and brother. Along with his passion for technology he also loves photography, bike rides, travel, exploring about business ideas, and reading.

Almost a year back, he got to know about $NOLE from Deba. He understood and liked the concept of co-ownership and passive income and decided to join the VIP Club. He has been an active member of the VIP Group and has helped in spreading the word of NOLE worldwide.

Shivam’s motto of life in his own words is ‘I believe if I am to be successful, I need to keep exploring and keep working, not all ventures/ideas will give me success. But all of them will give me some learning and few will make me successful.’

Shivam also has a Philanthropic bent of mind; he currently has taken Pre elementary school responsibility of 3 underprivileged kids education.

We at Nole VIP Club are really privileged to host such young and brilliant minds and we wish Shivam all the success in days to come.

Author: Debasish

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