Introducing the NOLE VIP: SuperHuug

3 min readDec 28, 2020

Nole Family started about 2 years back with a Guildchat room but today we have Nole Family across the globe and with this expansion, the family continues to become more close-knit and friendlier. Along with that interestingly what we are discovering is that it is just not a family of crypto enthusiasts but a group with a kind heart at the core and a varied combination of skillful people. Today we travel to the Netherlands to meet one such super talented craftsman: SuperHuug.


Before we proceed; we first thought to share with all of you a few of his creations.

With is strong and muscular built; SuperHuug works in the security department of a major corporation in the Netherlands, but behind that strong body is a soft and caring heart and a very creative mind. He is like a coconut; hard from outside but soft and sweet within. If you look at the pictures shared above you will realize the level of amazing craftsmanship SuperHuug has.

The crafting started from his childhood days, his father who too truly had magic hands always encouraged him and his brothers to create, draw, clay, etc. SuperHuug started crafting furniture, accessories, art, etc in 2012. While he didn’t do any professional crafts courses he is a natural at it. He learned the skill on his own through trial and error and eventually became perfect in it.

Now with close to a decade of experience he can literally craft and create anything a user wants to. We at Nole plan to make SuperHuug’s creations available across the globe and we currently are in the process of exploring options of creating NFTs on the TRON platform for the exclusive handcrafted art pieces made by SuperHuug.

SuperHuug also has a great sense of humor and he typically lights up a room be it in real life or Telegram room. SuperHugg also loves nature and outings with his friends and family. Almere Jungle, Bourwerij de Kemphaan brewery are some of the places he loves to visit.

In 2018 he was introduced to Nole Family at guild chat and subsequently, he became a VIP in February 2019, and later in 2019 he also volunteered to administer the Nole telegram rooms. With his positive outlook towards life and friendly nature, he is the favorite of many in the Nole Family. Over the past 2 years, he has supported project NOLE in multiple ways, and recently he also got upgraded to NIC (Nole Inner Circle). SuperHuug also believes in the concepts of delayed gratification, passive income, and is slowly progressing forward towards achieving Financial Freedom so that we can spend more time with his family and friends. Spreading happiness is the eventual life goal SuperHuug has and we are sure he will achieve it very soon.

If you want to have anything made feel free to contact us on telegram:

We at Nole Family wish SuperHuug happy and blissful life ahead.

Author: Debasish


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