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It’s time again to visit the garden city of India; Bangalore to meet our young, dynamic, and enterprising VIP: Syed Nasir. He was born in the small town of Tumkur near Bangalore on the 17th of August and shares his birthday with famous celebrities like Robert De Niro, Sean Penn.

After finishing his graduation he decided to pursue higher education in the domain of management and achieved a degree in Bachelor’s of Management studies. He got a campus placement in a global IT MNC and then subsequently moved to JPMorgan Chase and Co where he currently works as a KYC Specialist. With a total work experience of 8 years, he also realized the value of building multiple cash flows so during his spare time he assists his brother in expanding the e-com business they have.

Syed is a pampered kid in the family as he is the youngest and stays in Bangalore with his caring mother, loving elder brother, and 2 elder sisters. He loves — Travelling, making new friends (Networking), animals and is a party freak! Along with that, he is a Crypto enthusiast too.

He got into the NOLE ecosystem because of the ‘Buzz around it!’; in his words ‘I watched few videos when Deba da posted on YouTube! Got to know that with just 3k TRX one could get lifetime co-ownership of the exchange and since I am a believer in delayed gratification so thought to get in and now it’s a second home’

Syed believes that helping others is an achievement! Thus he has been very active in supporting social causes. He has been a volunteer in good social deeds like lake cleaning, gardening, school constructions in rural areas, and helping people in need. In-fact it was also one of the reasons to join hands with #NOLE with the hope that we all together make the world a better place to live.

Syed is a fast learner, his friendly nature helps him being liked everywhere but most importantly he has a ‘Never give up’ attitude which makes him a winner. His mindset is different from most of his peer group because he doesn’t wait for things to happen; rather believes in taking control of his life through hard work and smart planning. We are sure that with this attitude of his he will surely go places in recent future. Syed has been an active NOLE supporter since the time he joined the VIP group and has contributed immensely in creating positive vibes all around. We at NOLE thank him from the bottom of our heart for his relentless support and also wish his all the best. May all his dreams come true soon.

Author: Debasish


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