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Today it’s a great honor to introduce Nole Inner Circle member / Nole VIP to the NoleFamily: Mr. Wesley du Preez. To meet him we need to head over to the ‘city of gold’; the largest city of South Africa; Johannesburg. A city bustling with a great economy and rich cultural heritage, Wesley’s hometown also boasts about having the world’s largest manmade forests. No wonder being in close proximity to Nature; Wesley absolutely loves the NoleLegends environment too.

Wesley was born on the 346th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. It is 19 days before we celebrate the New Year. Wesley shares his birthday with famous celebrities like Jennifer Connelly, Rajnikanth, Yuvaraj Singh, Frank Sinatra, Regina Hall. After finishing his schooling Wesley pursued technical education and acquired a degree in Bachelor of Technology; Electrical engineering stream.

Wesley is a firm believer that every individual was born free and they should be their own boss. With this perspective in mind, we subsequently entered the world of entrepreneurship and set-up his firm: Hayford traders 23 cc which deals in the supply of outdoor textiles. In the course of the next decade, with sheer passion, dedication, and hard work he started to expand his business, and today he has a customer base all across South Africa.

After having established his business Wesley decided to start a family and 7 years back got married. He leads a happy family life with a supportive spouse and 2 young handsome boys. During his spare time, he loves to play golf, go out for fishing and crypto trading.

Wesley joined the NoleFamily as VIP number 338. The concepts of philanthropy and the gaming DApp NoleLegends is what attracted Wesley towards the Nole ecosystem. Wesley believes that the world should be a place spread with positivity and love and when we found a synergy in these thoughts with the vision of the Nole ecosystem he started to stack up $NOLE every month and also made it to NOLE INNER CIRCLE the day it was launched.

Wesley is a self-made man who grew by gaining life experiences. His journey in the domain of business made him strong emotionally as he was able to ride through the recession of 2008 and also has been able to survive and grow during the ongoing slowdown as well. This is a true character of a winner who knows that there will be ups and downs in life; but a person who is emotionally strong, who moves forward with the right intentions, who takes every set back as a learning experience, who looks at positive aspects of any event are eventually destined to Succeed in the game of life.

We at the Nole Family are truly blessed to have such positive-minded people with us and we wish Mr. Wesley all the success in life.

Author: Debasish


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