Introducing the Nole VIP: Yordan

3 min readJun 4, 2020

Telegram: @yordanss

Today we are happy to introduce one of our earliest VIPs; №36: Mr. Yordan Syaelendra Sudiman. 26 years young Yordan hails from the world’s fourth-biggest country which is a haven for wildlife. This tropical paradise is made up of 18000+ islands and thus has loads of sun, sand and crystal clear beaches. The country of Indonesia is rich in natural vegetation and people there are very warm and hospitable. With a rich cultural heritage which includes 8 world heritage sites Yordan is a true reflection of the pure Indonesian culture.

The country of Indonesia is also very tech savvy; in-fact the capital city of Jakarta is most Geo tagged on Instagram. So it was no surprise that after completing his schooling Yordan decided to become an engineer and completed his Bachelor of Information Technology degree with flying colors. Immediately after graduation he got a campus placement with a Major IT firm of the country where he has been managing sales and logistics for the last few years.

Yordan is fond of computers and technology and that is what brought him into the world of cryptocurrency. He loves exploring new developments and that’s how he discovered the world of TRON. With his technical knowledge and fast learning skills soon he was able to master the skills of trading and technical analysis. By the late 2018 he had joined a lot of communities on telegram and it was there he got to know about KsumNole. After doing his basic research he decided to join the VIP club as a few of his telegram friends started to talk about it. Soon he was helping the project by helping in increasing the community count on telegram. Things took a serious turn as the project evolved into a TRC20 token and products started to get created in the NOLE Ecosystem. Seeing the future of the project Yordan slowly started to increase his holdings and also supporting the project as a VIP co-owner.

Now Yordan has strengthened his relationship with Project Nole further by helping in building up the NOLE Indonesia community. With his sheer hard work and passion he has already started making an impact.

By nature Yordan likes to spend time with himself and also loves the peace and tranquility of island beaches. Yordan has ambitious goals for himself in life and we are sure that since he is in right domain of blockchain and has started early; surely he will achieve all his life goals soon. The #NoleFamily wishes him all the success in life.

Author: Debasish

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