Introducing the Nole VIP: Zotov

4 min readMay 15, 2020

Привет / Hello NoleFamily! Today we head over to the banks of Volga River to meet our VIP: Mikhail Zotov. He hails from the Samara region of Russia which is famous for its significant river ports. A region which is rich in natural resources it has pristine demography with the Volga River making great loops around the heavily forested Zinguli hills. The city of Syzran is located at the foot of the Volga Upland, on the right bank of the Volga River (137 km downstream from Samara), at the mouth of the Syzranka River. It occupies a favorable transport and geographical position. A six-way railway passes through its territory, connecting the city with all the CIS countries, as well as a federal highway and the Volga River Route.

Zotov is a 34-year-old generation millennial born on 2nd September. After completing his schooling, he entered the Engels Institute of Technology of the Saratov Polytechnic University (abbreviated as ETI SSTU) in the direction of the enterprise TYAZHMASH JSC, here his mentors suggested that he gets training in the specialty of electrochemical production technology. With his love for engineering he agreed. In his hometown this specialty is not taught, so he was sent to the Saratov region, the city of Engels. Here he spent a memorable 5 years of his student life.

After completing his diploma, he joined the army. Zotov served a year in the resort city of Novorossiysk in the Marine Corps. With his smart and sincere work soon he was promoted to the rank of senior sailor reached the rank. After completion of his service, he returned to his hometown and was immediately recruited by his dream organization: TYAZHMASH. JSC Tyazhmash is a Russian engineering company. The plant was founded on August 15, 1941. The company manufactures equipment for hydro-, heat-, nuclear power plants, special industrial equipment, as well as machines for grinding ore and conveyor equipment for metallurgy. Electroplating is a branch of the industry engaged in applying protective, decorative coatings to non-metallic and metal surfaces using the processes of chromium plating, galvanizing, copper plating, and so on. IN Tyazhmash he is currently working as a lead engineer-technologist of galvanic production.

It was at his workplace itself that Zotov met his love of life; his charming and intelligent spouse. Soon they decided to settle down and got married. Now they lead a happy and blissful life along with their 4-year-old Son.

Zotov is a great fan of computer games and that’s why he loves NoleLegends too. Also, he loves nature and loves to go on hikes and trekking with his family and friends. There is also a hidden artist within him who sometimes writes poetry. He also runs a crypto Facebook group where he is building a nice community and usually uses his spare time after work to build it up.

He learned about cryptocurrency in 2017. He was approached by someone on social media about a huge earning opportunity on cryptocurrency. As it turned out, they were scammers; Zotov was able to save his money, as he found information about them on the Internet. However, this incident created curiosity and he started to research this topic. The more he read more he became interested in the topic of earning on cryptocurrency. This eventually led to the development of another hobby — search on the Internet for projects in which one can and should invest in order to receive additional income from them.

Zotov learned about the NOLE project in October 2019. On a social network, Vlad (admin of the Russian-speaking community of the telegram project) invited him to participate in testing the beta of the Nolelegends game, and since he likes to play games, and here cryptocurrency was also involved he joined the telegram group. The game interface hooked him. He felt that nature is so colorfully depicted that he wanted to plunge into this world, erasing the border of reality and virtuality( virtual reality). It was then just a matter of time; since he trusted Vlad and believed in the project that he joined the VIP club as member No: 263.

In Zotov’s words ‘No project cares about its users as the NOLE project does. The word “family” is always present when talking in chat rooms and social networks of the project. That says a lot. No wonder the charity project. The first place for the project is to help the needy, which distinguishes it from other projects.’

Zotov has helped expand the Nole Ecosystem with his continuous support. He is particularly very active in promoting Project NOLE on Facebook. We are really grateful to him for his continuous patronage and support in making NOLE a worldwide project.

Author: Debasish

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