KsumNole Community by @DizzyJay part 1.

Why is a cryptocurrencies community so important?

Adoption creates pathways, those pathways can help direct value and influence. If a cryptocurrency has a goal in mind this pathway can grow deeper.

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So with that in mind lets discuss KsumNole, and more specifically NoleWater. The extremely limited supply of MSK should be considered the foundation of the community. While AMSK with a much higher supply is the insulation and electricity needed to turn that foundation into a powerful social engine. This engine can help to power the way forward to achieving the goals humanity needs to accomplish to save lives and fix our disrupted planet.
AMSK is for everyone, also it’s a route to understanding MSK and getting to know how important the people of the world are. If we can gather together we can work together, so no matter where you are if you’re alive you’re on planet earth. We are already gathered. Now lets impact our local communities to sustain the global community.

The first goal of MSK is to make charities more practical by making organizations accountable and transparent but,even after that goal becomes realized and only we can make that happen, the real power of KsumNole comes from within the community and the desire to better our planet by dissolving regions and politics in the discussion of poverty, disease, pollution, global warming, deforestation and world equality. We have alot to lose, lets preserve the integrity of our world and all the life that exists upon it.

Consider yourself powerful, much love.


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