KsumNole HODL or SELL?

KsumNole is getting listed on the tronscan.org DEX, so should u hold or sell ?


As we approach the listing time , the above mentioned question will surely come in everyone’s mind , so here are some quick pointers which can help you in your decision making process:

🍃Approx $450 billion annually is being contributed to Philanthropy / Charity.
🍃Approx 70% of this is individual contribution.
🍃There are approx 1.2 million charity organisations across the globe.
🍃Less then even 1% of these funds/organisations are leveraging blockchain
🍃Few of the benefits of moving from traditional modes to blockchain technology are:
- Enhanced Transparency.
- Enhanced Reach ( boundary less transactions).
- Reduced administration cost.
- Faster processing and execution.


🍃Virtually 99%+ market is untapped towards using blockchain for charity.
🍃KsumNole plans to bridge this gap by connecting the individual and corporate philanthropist with the legit charities.
🍃By 2020 KsumNole has a vision to reach 1 million donors and assist charity organisations across the globe in setting up their digital TRON wallets and understand the benefits of blockchain.
🍃By 2020 the realistic and achievable vision is to gain a market share of 0.2% I.e approx $1 billion charity being done using KsumNole blockchain system.
🍃With total supply being pegged at 1 million KsumNole only this translates into 1 KsumNole = $1000. Even if $TRX grows to $1 each then also we will be able to achieve our mission of 1 KsumNole = 1000 TRX .
🍃By 2019 we will upgrade to TRC20 thus enabling KsumNole tipping and donations in decimals as well ( upto 8 decimals)
🍃Many social media campaigns are in store for 2019 to leverage all platforms in spreading awareness.
🍃As the count of loyal community increases this becomes all the more interesting and easy.

So as the listing happens in few hours ….it’s up to you to Sell or HODL !! Also there is one more option .. you can BUY MORE !

The KsumNole team.

Stay in touch with us !


Website: https://ksumnole.org/
Trontokens: https://www.trontokens.org/token/KsumNole and vote for SAFE ✅
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ksumnole
Telegram chat : https://t.me/joinchat/HmhwGkRT1v1ZFwutBVPR5g
Telegram info: https://t.me/KsumNoleofficial
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ksumnoletoken
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KsumNoleO
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfzGhUqbV-9cTnBJX3kbduA?view_as=subscriber
Tronscan: https://tronscan.org/#token/KsumNole

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