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5 min readJun 30, 2019
49 People provided with Food and clothing using the TRON blockchain (people donated with ourformer MSK token)

We are not only migrating into a TRC20 token but also rebranding the website and our proposition to be better aligned with our vision. Here is a sneak peak at what new things you will experience:

TRC20: Now NoleCoin will be a TRC20 token with 6 decimal precision making it easier to trade on book order exchange. Also now smart contracts will be executable on NoleCoin thus making it future ready for Dapps.

Automated Dividends: By executing smart contracts the dividend program will be automated thus making the overall process precise and timely.

Freezing System: In future we will introduce the token freezing options on the website which will assist the eco-system in inflation management and helping the growth of investor portfolio.

New Logo: This new logo is custom made for our project thus protected from any copyright infringement. We will be introducing different colored logos which will be in sync with various groups we operate in:

Gold Logo: For our VIP lounge.

Multicolor Logo: as our official logo.

Black & White: For basic exchange listing & trade.

NoleCoin (NOLE) — TRC20 contract adress:


old MSK tokens can be swapped to NOLE in a 1:1 rate on:


time period: everyone has 1 month to convert there tokens to NOLE, after that the MSK tokens will be burned in the contract and the token will be delisted.

Website upgrades: We have plans to upgrade our website to make it fun for our users to hangout as well as contribute towards the philanthropic activities. Here is a small list of things we have planned for you:

User Dashboard: Loyal supports who contribute to the project will be able to monetize their efforts by earning points and redeeming them for tokens/rewards. Users will be able to track their progress at this dashboard and plan their rank enhancements.

Gift Packs: We will have off the shelf gift packs which users can pick for gifting or donating purpose. Further we will also be minting physical NoleCoin which will come along with a scratch card and embedded QR Code having pre defined Token value. This will act as an unique memento and the user receiving it will be able to transfer the coins into their wallet by just scanning the QR code.

Tallfriendlygiant (NoleLegends)

The website https://nolelegends.com/ will also host our upcoming in-house gaming Dapp: NoleVille Legends. We will release a separate preview on this soon. This is something which we feel will be unique for the complete TRON eco-system and we are hopeful that it will be fun and exciting for all our community members.

The Dapp will run its ecosystem on NoleWater (AMSK) and more info will be updated on the nolelegends.com website.


The website will also integrate with other TRON dapps to broaden the experience of our users.

Hangout Lounge: We will launch this in 2 phases:

Phase 1: VIP Hangout lounge on the website will be a fun place to hangout after work where users will be able to chat with the community, play games, and contribute in social media activities. There will be lots of fun surprises, quizzes etc to make the forum interactive.

Phase 2: We will create an open house Lounge for all our community members.

News Room: We will have a live news room with latest updates related to philanthropy , crypto, blockchain etc.

Trading Exchanges: TRC20 will now enable us to get book order listing on exchanges and at a later date assist us in getting CMC listing. We already are in discussion with several exchanges and are expecting positive responses soon.

Charity Events: The new website will also host the charity events with dedicated wallets for all events thus making the overall process 100% transparent and easy to track.

Second charity project with former KsumNole.

We are excited with all the above mentioned developments and hope we continue to receive your patronage and support in spreading happiness across the globe.

About us: NoleCoin is a charity project inspired by philanthropic activity of Mr. Elon Musk and is based in Netherlands. The project started in Q3 2018 with a vision to use blockchain technology in charity domain to bring in higher transparency, trust, accountability and thus help people in need. While our focus is to help people of third world counties, the charity initiative will also try to solve global issues like pollution, education, women empowerment, health etc.

Latest charity event will be announced within a week of this briefing.

Our volunteers in Bangladesh

Salient Features:

Community driven.

Fast and borderless charity platform.

Transparent, Accountable and Trustworthy.

Built-in wallet and communication forums coming up.

Legal foundation coming up for higher credibility.

Low supply and team allocation of tokens.

Increasing core community (VIP Lounge).

Merchandise sales with proceeds linked directly to charity wallets.

Dedicated and competent team.

Future plans for iOS and Android apps for seamless transactions and communication.

Existing and growing community of supporters on various social media platforms.

If you need more information you can always check the links below.

Let’s stay in touch !

The KsumNole team.