Letter from Chevkev to Nole investors

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September 1, 2020

To Nole investors:

Today we are revising our project for the month of August, Which ended on August 31. We now expect the following progress within the NoleCoin ecosystem.


  • NoleX continues to generate revenue
  • 20 VIP memberships gained and joined the VIP club this month.
  • We launched our new website! www.nolecoin.com
  • NoleLegends is taking big steps towards the end result and testing will be available soon for the VIP members. (Exact date will be announced)
  • New plans are being made to make a connection with the Ethereum community.
  • Based on these estimates, our revenue will increase every month now because the game is around the corner and the listings are increasing rapidly as well as the memberships are growing every week.
  • The TRON market is increasing fast which made the NoleCoin value grow over time and it achieved a value of $0,50 cents a token!
  • NoleWater is gaining new momentum because of the game and is getting seen by large players in the TRON space.

Nolelegends: (www.nolelegends.com)

  • Planting seeds have been fully tested and are functional!
  • Watering the seeds has been tested and its fully working!
  • Right now the harvesting is under development.
  • NoleCoin has been added to the game and has a mighty use case.
  • More 3D effects have been added to the map to improve the gaming experience.
  • Environment details, sound effects have been added.
  • Light sources have been added to the game.
  • The N-wallet of NoleX has been added to the game and we will make it easy to trade your legends in-game.

The main currency of the game: NoleWater (AMSK) https://www.nolex.org/main/AMSKTRX.html

NoleLegends environment update
NoleLegends environment update 2

First, we knew the timing and delay of NoleLegends would affect the awareness of the NoleCoin progress. we are doing everything we can now to get our momentum back and create a large number of sales and new community members to open new doors for the project. As soon as the game launched the value of the project will meet our expectations and we will start new projects to boost the project to a new level.

Second, we expected that the epidemic would support the market, This turned out to have a significantly greater impact than we had projected.

COVID-19 has touched the lives of many in the world, and I want to thank everyone for their dedication and care towards the virus. Last month we started a fundraiser to support the people in Bangladesh with the epidemic: https://charity.nolelegends.com/

The awareness of NoleCoin is growing as well as the progress is being seen by influencers in the crypto community.

Despite the challenges, we believe that before the end of 2020 NoleCoin will see their first real liquidity, have a core of a minimal of 1000 VIP members holding a minimal of 100 NoleCoin. Have above 100 listings on nolex.org and have a player base of 10000 gamers playing and growing our magical trees with the use of our NoleWater token. Our products are already having a strong following and momentum and the NoleCoin team will do everything they can this year to keep increasing the attention and progress, so all early investors can benefit in the long run.

Many Positive Results in August!

Our community is very supportive and giving us ideas to grow, as well as taking over twitter and all social media channels with our project. we would like to thank every single person that is holding 1 NoleCoin or more, talking about us and helping us spreading awareness.

  • The bounty campaign has been great marketing for us as well as rewarding for the participants, we don't need any external marketing companies anymore. our members are enough.
  • The website had a great impact on the community and is now using it for all information needed about the project.
  • New NoleWater use cases have been added to the portfolio and we will spread the token around the DApps in the TRON space before we start off planting in NoleLegends.
  • A new charity event in Bangladesh will start to support the people back in this pandemic. the results will be posted on youtube.
  • the VIP is increasing rapidly and more core members are coming to support us.
  • Nole is making plans to launch real-world products.
  • New surprises for the community are being prepared.
  • New VIP events will be organized to create a stronger community Bond

Looking Ahead:

NoleCoin is becoming one of the largest ecosystems in the TRON space, with unique products. a solid stable investment for everyone that wants to progress with us. a family feeling in our rooms while doing charity events and creating products. I must say I am proud to be in the VIP room myself.

Our top exchange nolex.org is getting seen in the TRON space and will soon grow to a multi-chain exchange for all crypto communities to earn and trade.

Our Nole Angels are working hard to increase and educate new community members about our ecosystem. we expect a big growth this month in VIP memberships as well as users on our products.

When NoleLegends launches, we will put packages available for projects to participate in. Vary from an own statue in the game, listing their token in-game, and more! There will be costs involved to develop the game and create the assets, but Nole is a philanthropy based project so we will always keep the prices fair and make sure its a great value add for your project. For more information, you can contact us at telegram.

we are confident and very excited about our pipeline of future products, services, and philanthropy activities.

Thank you community. #noleworldwide2020

Happy #HODLING and see you in the VIP chat!




Some more fun stats!

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We crossed 6000 users on nolex.org
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We passed 35 listings on nolex.org
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Nole Burns the last months.
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Income Statistics
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Trade $NOLE now on:

NoleX: https://www.nolex.org/main/NOLETRX.html

Remember to hold 100 + NOLE in your main wallet to earn your weekly dividends!

Trade $AMSK now on:

NoleX: https://www.nolex.org/main/AMSKTRX.html

use $AMSK in the upcoming game.nolelegends.com DAPP or on the playroyal.com Games!

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Thank you Nolians for supporting our project.

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