Shareholder letter | July

1st July 2020.

Monthly Letter to Investors: June 2020 Updates

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We are starting this monthly letter so that all our supporters and investors are updated regarding the development and progress of the NOLE Ecosystem.

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⦁ The user count on NoleX has been growing organically and currently stands at 3705. 10000 users is our next milestone on the planning.

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⦁ We had 6 new tokens listed on NoleX in June: Bee, Tether, SWG, Santa, Bonus, and TronTopia.

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⦁ A new feature got added to NoleX: Faucets. This is the first of its kind within TRON exchanges. Users can earn free crypto using this feature.

Note (only listed tokens can create a faucet)

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⦁ Trading and referral contests were conducted on NoleX.

⦁ Philanthropy: We conducted a charity event in Bangladesh where essential food for the needy and stationery for the kids was provided.

Token Updates:

⦁ NoleCoin:

⦁ $NOLE got listed on Polonidex on 7th June and with that $NOLE is now available on all TRON exchanges.

⦁ $NOLE is available on CoinGecko and has been showing organic growth on the last few months.

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⦁ NoleWater:

⦁ $AMSK got listed on Polonidex on 12th June.

⦁ CoinGecko Listing was done on the 16th of June.

⦁ Dividend:

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The weekly $AMSK dividends were dropped to all users holding 100+ $NOLE in their TRON wallets. During the corona outbreak in Feb/Mar, we witnessed a dip in the HODLer count; however, it has stabilized since then and we would like to thank our community for continuing to display confidence in the NOLE Ecosystem.

⦁ NOLE Burn:

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June month's cumulative activities across all verticals will contribute towards a burn of 140 $NOLE. As the usage of NoleX grows we will witness more surge in this domain.

⦁ VIP Profit Share:

While we are building the products; NoleX, Books, and Merchandise have already started to generate some turnover. While we are at a nascent stage of growth these verticals can potentially grow substantial as the user base grows. For the month of June; 28 $NOLE will be shared with our VIPs. This is just the beginning and this can grow exponentially as the project progresses.

⦁ Long Term Goal update:

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⦁ Other Updates:

⦁ Coverage in Media:

⦁ Mission Update:

⦁ VIP Bounty participation increased from 41 users to 63 users.

Thank You for your continuous support and patronage. Look forward to a productive and prosperous July 2020.



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