Letter to my Community

Dear Nole Fam!

2020 Have started off and I am very excited to get $NOLE to the next level! $NOLE have made a name in the TRON space which I am honored and humbled by and it makes me even more excited about the Future.

First of all, I can’t thank you enough for supporting our tokens, spreading the word for us, being with us through easy and hard times, We are 1 year old and we accomplished more then some other projects do in 3 years time!

$NOLE and $AMSK are now official currencies that are worldwide used and You can’t find a place where the tokens are not being mentioned. Now its time to expand internationally.

2019 Was all about Value building for our tokens, Growing the community, Checking what to do, what not to do, learn from our mistakes and persevere through the bear market.

I must say we did a great job! We are standing strong and growing every day.

I am happy that I met everyone including the team who works hard to make NOLE a stunning ecosystem that we can enjoy for years to come.

The start of the NOLE ecosystem.

I want to talk about what is happening next? We started the year off now, NoleX.org is being launched soon, The NoleLegends Village is being developed. Is this enough for us for 2020? I personally think NO, it's great to build products but we as NOLE are going to try to squeeze in as much as we can in 2020 to make 2020 an even better year than 2019.

What name do we want to have in the crypto space at the end of 2020? What are our goals?

  • 10000 Players/community members actively supporting our products (is a must)
  • NoleLegends/NoleX 100 % fully developed and being used worldwide by the crypto community.
  • Work on our ecosystem until it is perfect and worldwide accepted.
  • Strive for more exchange listings
  • Add a new feature to the ecosystem: Nole Support, Wich everyone that is in the NOLE project can offer their services in trade of $NOLE or $AMSK tokens.
  • Real-life events wich Celebrities and influencers invited to build name for our Tokens.
  • A possible NOLE ATM where you can buy NOLE for FIAT in any store.
  • Continue our philanthropic events and be ready if a natural disaster happens to help and support them with Cryptocurrency.
  • Start our own Crypto Show with a talk host and a studio where we can talk about crypto and have fun.
  • Expand our clothing line into the stores around the world and make it available for $NOLE and $AMSK.
  • Take any opportunity that NOLE brings us to get worldwide exposure and double the size of our team.
  • Create one more income opportunity for our VIP Community by offering advertisement space to marketeers on NoleX and the NoleLegends website

I will talk about these goals in this article so all our supporters have a clear vision of how we are going to handle things to make our name.

Once our products are live, fully running, people earning money by growing trees and exchanging them on our Exchange NoleX, This is a great start since we have a massive use-case going on. But this is not the end! It is time to introduce ourselves, the team, the VIP room and our community to the complete crypto space. We are not limiting ourselves to TRON but going to give access to every token in the world to come and join us. We will not think in the box.

One of our Goals for our dapp NoleLegends:

  • Cross-platform so ETH BTC and more can come and play NoleLegends
  • GEO location growing but also Planting in the real world ( we will plant a Pitaya Somewhere in the world for people to find!)
  • Expand our Legend collection to 100 Legends

The reason I created this article because I think its time to make our message clearer to the public to attract more people that can join us in empowering the NOLE brand.

How do i see NOLE in 5 years? I don't know where to start to be honest.

NOLE is as important as my own Child for me so I see myself as a student of the crypto game and in 5 years' time a lot can happen. Through these articles, we will keep informing our community on how everything will evolve.

I am thinking as a supporter of NOLE, what would I want? where do I want NOLE to be in 5 years?

One of the things that are the most important for me is that our Tokens are worldwide used and acknowledged just like bitcoin is. We have a low supply Token of 1 million coins and a userbase that is growing every day. The promise of the future!

Check the token supply:


The Goals that we are setting for NOLE in the upcoming years!

  • Exchange Goals!

After our Exchange (www.nolex.org) launches, we will have multiple incomes coming in + multiple use cases, The project will become more and more attractive and all the exchanges will most likely want to list us.

We are now focussing on improving our service, building use cases and growing our community then seeking listings.

  • Usecase Goals!

If we really want to make an impact on the crypto world we need to educate our non-crypto people about $TRX and $NOLE. NOLE can actually be used in anything in the world that money is currently carrying. (ATM’s Shopping, Buying products, delivering services, everything can be done with NOLE also and it is our task as a team to explore these use cases 2020.

  • Can NOLE have a real-world ATM where you can PIN NOLE in exchange for FIAT? Yes, this is totally possible.
  • Can NOLE be offered for a service like Renting a Bike or hiring a hotel room? Yes this is totally possible
  • Can NOLE be used as a gift for your partner or your friend and can it be seen as real value as gold in the eyes of the people? Yes, this is totally possible as we keep increasing our community.
  • Can NOLE be used by the Government as a coin that is being used for Transactions worldwide to poor countries but also seen as an official Donation coin?

Yes this is totally possible!

With NOLE we will aim for the maximum value and attention we can get for our precious token. We are here to stay and we will show that.

in 5 years' time, the token will be running worldwide distributed and we won't have any control over it anymore just like bitcoin, The value will be stunning and a fraction of NOLE will be worth a lot. It is our job as a team to get this value and this challenge is as much exciting as the first year where we blew life into the token.

In the upcoming articles, we are going to describe how we are going to achieve this and what steps we are going to take.

I personally focus on personal development as well as growing the project, both things are as much important for me.

I will Close off this message with a “Lets moon” because it is time Nole fam!

Let's ask our friends and family to come and support our cause, hold at least 100 NOLE. Start earning dividends and come and enjoy our community and we will look back at this message next year.

Get your NOLE at https://playroyal.com/exchange/NOLE-TRX

Get your AMSK at https://playroyal.com/exchange/AMSK-TRX

The next article will be about our community leader Debasish Das Wich has been an awesome support to the NOLE community.







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