Letter to my community Part 2.


Greetings NoleFamily!

We hope during this Corona crisis time all of you and your family members are safe and healthy. Mankind has seen many challenges like this. we are sure that like earlier we all will emerge together as stronger and evolve into a better form of existence. While approx 80% of the world population is facing some form of lockdown right now and are staying home we at $NOLE are working very hard to prepare ourselves for the next level (Nole Moonshot). Through this letter today I wanted to share with all of you what the future beholds. We first start off giving some coronavirus tips! 🚫🦠

Stay safe & healthy fam. 🚫🦠

NOLE LEGENDS: www.nolelegends.com

Some interesting updates about our Dapp:

  • Village development is in full throttle and we will go live on the 30th of May 2020. 🎉
  • In a couple of weeks from now, there will be further updates published about the development and what the future beholds for NoleLegends.
  • There will be some nice surprises for our early supporters once the game goes live! 🎁
  • We currently are at 3k registered users on NoleLegends, as we approach the launch date we will launch big marketing campaigns so that we reach 5k users on the launch date and have an active daily player base playing the Dapp, Collecting and growing legends.
  • We have also set up a discord channel as a lot of gamers prefer to use discord over telegram. We will create a NoleLegends discussion and discuss the tech side of the game.

🎮 Discord: https://discord.gg/zVbCjd

We are also reaching out to many projects that will help in the cross-promotion of NoleLegends and help create an environment of mutual growth and build an alliance together. Projects will have a chance to integrate their own tree in the looks of their choice!

  • The special use-case of $NOLE (NoleCoin) will be integrated into the game to add another use-case to our Gem. 💎
  • 5% of the AMSK turnover will be burnt every month. 🔥
  • 🎁VIP: 1% of AMSK turnover will be shared with the VIPs. 💰

2 Billion is the current supply of AMSK and no further AMSK tokens will be released in 2020!

Trade $AMSK at: https://www.nolex.org/main/AMSKTRX.html

  • The goal in June: reach 10k users on game.nolelegends.com
  • NOLEX: The exchange is an important part of the overall strategy as it will fuel the economic requirements of the NOLE Ecosystem (Server costs, Marketing, Salaries, Development, Affiliations, etc).
  • The basic exchange is operational now, we will further work on upgrading the UI after the NoleLegends launch. Future plans will be presented soon.
  • We are currently at 1.2K users and the goal is to reach 10k users by the end of May!
  • We will try to migrate these users to the NoleLegends Dapp and an invitation will be ready on the exchange! www.nolex.org | p2pmarket.
  • Once NoleLegends is fully developed we will expand NoleX to other blockchain pairs too.
  • Q2 2020 we will integrate ETH and start to list Ethereum Tokens on NoleX.
  • Q2 we will also launch BTC and XRP trading pairs.
  • Early projects which support NoleX will have the advantage to get BTC/ETH/XRP pairs. ⚠️
  • Articles and video content will be released in the next 6 weeks to create an identity around the products.
  • 5% of the NOLE earned as a trading fee will be burnt. 🔥
  • 🎁VIP: 1% of the NOLE trading fee will be shared with VIPs. 💰
  • 🎁VIP: We will conduct AMAs and Trading events with new tokens on listing to boost up the marketing activities and support TRON projects who come and join the family.
  • Work has been initiated to get NoleX listed on https://www.coingecko.com/nl
  • Work has been initiated to get NoleX listed on https://coinmarketcap.com/
  • Work has been initiated to get Nole listed on
  • https://coinmarketcap.com/
  • The long term plan is to build an app for NoleX!
  • NOLE burn from the listing fee will be used to burn NOLE thus further reducing its supply. (a total of 1 million)
  • 🎁VIP: Monthly VIP bounties will be hosted to increase the user-base and reward our VIP participants.


  • With the COVID-19 epidemic, we have set up a fund-raiser to help people in Amsterdam.
  • Medical supplies were provided in the Netherlands.
  • We seek volunteers who can assist in the supply chain of medical masks in other parts of the world.
  • We are also trying to set-up an initiative to plant trees across the world.

Project NoleCoin started with a vision of leveraging technology to help mankind. We will create an eco-system where people can work towards philanthropy in various domains like food, health, environment, etc. Also, the NOLE Ecosystem is a platform which investors use as a sound investment opportunity with residual income coming through weekly dividends. After the 2 projects are fully functional we will start work to expand the use-case and build new DApps, games, and utility. The short term goal is to have 15 projects running on the NOLE Ecosystem by the end of 2021.

Nole Worldwide 2021 🌍

Salient Features:

  • Community driven and great core support! Thank you, VIP ⚜️
  • Fast and borderless charity platform. charity.nolelegends.com
  • Transparent, Accountable and Trustworthy.
  • Communication forums.
  • A legal foundation for higher credibility coming up.
  • Low supply and team allocation of tokens. 1 million total supply!
  • Increasing core support community (VIP Club).
  • Merchandise sales with proceeds linked directly to charity wallets.
  • Dedicated and competent team.
  • Future plans for iOS and Android apps for seamless transactions and communication.

What should I do as a NoleCoin holder? The unique concept of the project is that every holder of NoleCoin token who has 100 or more tokens is a co-owner of the project and eligible for monthly dividends of NoleWater which will be the native token for upcoming gaming DApp NoleLegends and all the other projects that will join the ecosystem. The one year vision is to reach 1000 NoleCoin dividend club holders. So even if we just own 100 token of NoleCoin then we need to change our perspective from being just an investor to a co-owner of the project. So the more you contribute to the project the greater your dividend income will be for years to come.

Community request: Spread out the NoleCoin word to all the crypto projects you are part of. Since we can partner with all legit projects. That’s how mass adoption will spread!

Learn more about our VIP room: https://medium.com/@chevkevtron/nole-vip-club-vision-2020-and-beyond-678541eeb678

Invite your friends to the VIP group which is the core group of the community. Along with fun activities and airdrops, this is where we seek feedback and suggestions for the future of the project. The VIP group is the driving force and together let's make it bigger. Currently 303 Members.

  • Our final goal is to have 5000 VIP members

Community request: Help more people understand the value of holding a minimum of 100 NoleCoin and the dividend program.

  • Promote NoleX and NoleLegends use-case

Passive Income is one of the most powerful ways to create wealth and this is one of the easiest and fastest ways you can create wealth not only for you but for your generations to come. Together let's change the perspective and let’s Co-Own this project!

When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.

Let’s stay in touch!

📈Trade $NOLE now at:


Remember to hold 100 + NOLE to earn your weekly dividends!

📈Trade $AMSK now at:


use $AMSK in the upcoming game.nolelegends.com DAPP or on the playroyal.com Games!

If you want to throw us some extra support you are always welcome to:

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Thank you Champions for supporting our project.

#NoleX #NoleLegends #NoleWater #NoleX




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