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Dear Nole Supporters,

At the onset heartfelt thank you for your continuous patronage and support. Today morning when I grabbed my morning coffee ☕️ and sat going down the memory lane I had loads of nostalgic good memories flashing in front of my eyes.
I recall a year back I created this project just because I loved the TRON Ecosystem and was a big fan of Mr. ElonMusk !! To be honest, at that point I had not even planned for where we are today.

The project started off from GuildChat and me doing some drops just for building up a chat room! Then we transitioned to telegram and that’s when things started to shape up! Few nice individuals chipped in as community managers and we got a telegram group running!

Then in Q4 of 2018, we came up with the initiative of the VIP Room and from there we actually got our best friends and supporters who have taken the project to where it is today .. standing on its 2 feet’s !!
The next step was to launch the dividend program which led to the birth of NoleWater ( Yes we will have a separate birthday 🎂 celebration for NoleWater too )
Early 2019 we revamped the website and the whitepaper and then we did our first fundraising event to bring food for people in a village in Bangladesh and then did another event for the kids there!

Q2 2019 was a game-changer for us as we worked on the idea 💡 of connecting the world of gamers with the world of philanthropy and that lead to the birth of 🌱NoleLegends🌱.

Q3 has been super exciting with the ISO reaching hard cap, new exchange, and greater player base.

So to summarise Day 1 with a guild chat room of 5 people to 8000+ community 1 year down the line has really been a great journey .
This, however, would not have been possible without YOU. The #NoleFamily and all our VIPs ( Who I believe are the CO-Owners of this project). You have been making Videos, articles about us, sending out great tweets and doing a great support for our success. A heartfelt GRATITUDE to all of you 🙏
Last but not the least thanks to the phenomenal #NoleCrew for your continuous effort in daily progress, you all are the lifeline on which Nole runs.

MY PROMISE TO YOU ALL: By the time we celebrate our next birthday we will ensure all of you early adopters are the biggest beneficiary.

And later this happened, we were proud that the founder of TRON was supporting our cause and motivated us to progress even more in the first year.

We are here for the long run!

🥳Enjoy the celebrations tonight 🥳



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